FRPP Borla Stingers installed

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  1. I got the FRPP Stingers for $404 shipped, got them installed yesterday! Sound is awesome! Very deep! No raspyness at all :nice:

    It's funny, now I can hear/feel the car idling from inside the house! Not because it's loud (because it's not!) but just because it's so deep! Sounds like a couple 12" subwoofers playing some exhaust music :D

    Inside the car with the windows up or down, the Stingers seem quieter than stock at idle or part throttle. But you can definately feel the deep rumble A LOT more than stock. When you get on it, watch out, it really wakes up!

    Outside the car this exhaust is crazy! Perfect aggressive growl when you get on it. I do wish it was a bit louder, but that might come with some breaking in, we'll see.

    Complaints: This exhaust is NOT a perfect fit. And there is no room for adjustment because the hanger brackets do not have slotted holes and the exhaust tubing it keyed, so you cant turn them at all.

    Drivers side is aligned perfect top to bottom, but sits about 1/2 inch too far to the left, almost touching the bumper cover!

    Passenger side hangs down about an inch or maybe more too low! And also sits to the left too far, also almost touching the bumper cover!

    I was under the impression that the reason axle-back kits were so expensive is because they are direct replacements, perfect fit, etc. NOT TRUE - I now have to go spend close to $90 to have an exhaust shop shave off the keys and also torch/bend the hanger rods in order to get these to look right.

    One more complaint... the tips are gorgeous, but they stick out a little too far for my taste. This is another adjustment I'll have the exhaust shop do.

    After all the adjustments are done, I'm sure I'll love it! You can't beat the sound! Pics and vids coming soon...
  2. I'm right behind ya with my FRPP Axle backs coming sometime in the next few days!!
  3. You should still do the install yourself, because even the exhaust shop told me that most of these axle-backs are usually a perfect fit! They say I must have got an oddball.

    Besides, if it's not right then all you gotta do is exactly what I'm having done, and it still ends up being the same cost or cheaper than having a shop do the full install. Might as well take an hour of your own time to possibly save $ :nice:

    Post pics when you get it all installed, ok? :)
    I'll be posting some pics and videos tonight...
  4. My Borla Stingers were delivered today. Installation was not too bad, and they sound great. No major problems with fitment, so maybe you were just unlucky with the set you got?

  5. Yeah, like I said above, I think I just got a dud pair :(
    Anyhow, $60 today at the muffler shop and now they look great! :D

    I LOVE them!!

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  6. They just torched the hangers and adjusted over and over until they were perfect! I also had them remove the clamps and weld 'em on :)

    Another good thing is that now after a couple days of driving they are starting to break in and get a little more bark to them, perfect! Just a little louder and this will be heaven!

    Couple more pics...

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  7. FRPPs

    Congrats! They look Awsome. After much agonizing and listening to sound clips, I just ordered a set off Ebay today $404.95. This will be my first mod at 1200 miles.

    2006 Black GT Auto
  8. You're gonna love them! The way they rumble and vibrate the car, oh and walls or whatever else is around! :D

    Give 'em a couple days and they get a little louder, but still just as deep! Loving it! :nice:
  9. Ditto on that jberylec. Mine have gotten deeper, and with the stock cat'd h-pipe they have the classic burble that sounds so good when you let off the gas.

    I attempted to install in the drive way, but didn't have any jacks, and could not get enough leverage to get the oem muffler dislodged from the over the axel pipe. My favorite garage made short work of it for $45.

    The driver's side is perfect, but the passenger side is about 1/2" left of center. Other than that, perfection. I bet as we add more hp the deeper it's going to get. :hail2:

    Dewman :nice:

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  10. Do these Stingers have any HP or TQ gains? Just curious because exhaust will be my first mod.. I've heard the stock exhaust flows better than the previous gen Mustang so as not to expect a major gain. Anyone have dyno's with just the stibgers?
  11. The short answer to that, and what most people will tell you is "no".
    However... I did in fact notice a seat-of-the pants difference. It depends on how sensitive you are, but I notice even tiny changes in power constantly, even as small as weather from day to day, lol.

    It feels like installing these moved the power scale a little bit. Meaning, it took from the low end and gave a little to the mid to top end, probably right around 5hp. Mostly due to the reduction of back pressure.

    The cool thing is that they make the engine a little more snappy, more responsive :)

    Cant wait to do the intake and motion plate deletes, that should really give 'er some snappyness :D

    The real advantage of these type of mufflers is as we add other mods the mufflers will be more effective in helping to make more power. AND like Green Machine said above they'll get louder and deeper :nice:
  12. Take a look at This is a before and after dyno from just a corsa exhaust at a performance shop. The Ford Stinger exhaust and Corsa are not "baffle" type exhaust, just look through them...these are the types of exhausts that are truley gaining power. Flowmaster "baffle" type don't free flow much more than stock and hence, no power on the dyno.
  13. I knew the Corse had gains. My dad has the previous issue of Mustang Monthly and they show a dyno witha Corsa before and after install. I was just curious about the stingers. However, if they are the same design, they should have gains. However, I do also know that that Corsa's weigh about 8 lbs more total than the stock exhaust, so you gain a little fat with the car. :)
  14. any have the stingers with LT headers? My setup has a lot of resonance at 2500.
  15. Anyone have a supercharger and an O/R x pipe with these? I know that the xpipe makes some exhaust sound ****ty. I know they made my stock mufflers sound waaay different. I still wanna post a video clip...maybe I'll do that now.
  16. Ok I made a crappy video of my exhaust. I spent way too much time making this and it loks like dump. But here it is...

    Exhaust vid
  17. I felt a gain from my FRPP. Like I said above, if I had to guess probably 5hp, possibly 10... but no dyno to show it. Anyhow, Corsa weighs 8lbs more than stock and the Stingers weigh 10lbs LESS... both are flow-through mufflers, so they probably make about the same hp... the choice is obvious :D :nice:

  18. wow, I actually really like that sound a lot! Almost sounds cammed :D
    So, that's just the stock mufflers with the offroad x pipe?
    I wish I could run offroad pipes, friggin Cali :(

    Didn't you post a while back about not liking the sound of the bassani mufflers with that x pipe? I recommended putting the stock mufflers back on... right? wow, it sounds good!! So do you like it??

    I'm jealous, and I just spent 400 bucks on my Stingers :( I wish it was possible to get that loudness, and exact sound but with the deepness of the Stingers
  19. Yeah those are my stockers. I like it MOST of the time. Some times its raspy and too high pitched. At first on cold starts or under slow accel it sounds deep and awesome...but under heavy accel and after a while of driving it sounds more or less...not as good. I was something DEEP. I still have my Bassani's though...nothing to do with em.
  20. It sounds sweet. But yeah, if it was a deeper tone it'd be better. I wonder if these Stingers would still be as deep with an offroad pipe like that... hmm...

    That would be a lot of money for you to throw away just to hear it, LOL