FRPP Borla Stingers installed

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  1. Speaking of Livernois Motorsports, I noticed on their website their asking $399.00 for the FRPP/Borla stingers..Although they don't have the right picture of the stingers, I did notice they have the correct part # If the price listing isn't a typo. this seems to be the best price yet..It may be worth checking into..:shrug:
  2. I'll take my SLP loudmouths 360 days out of the year :)
  3. That is not the best price yet. I got mine for just $379! So, the total including tax and shipping was only $404.95! Unbeatable :nice:
  4. Ok, so where did you get yours ?? If I can get mine at the same price, I'm sold :nice: If you don't want to reveal you're source, just send a PM
  5. i ordered a set last night from blueovalindustries for 399 + shipping, total was 417, checked price this morning, its 439, hope theyre in stock. anyone looking for a set of pypes violators? i liked the sound, but like the look of the frpp where the mufflers hidden better
  6. Exhaust

    Thats OK, I'll take my CORSAs, a few extra pounds and all! :nice:
  7. Here ya go...

    Also, there's a guy selling his used ones on here. They might be the Borla brand rather than FRPP, but same thing :) Here ya go...

    Good luck, and post when you get some
  8. I talked to them twice before making my purchase elsewhere. They said there is no way they ever sold the Stingers for that low (it's under list price, if you factor in shipping!). They said they get calls all the time and people are mis-quoting them based on the fact that they bought the other FRPP exhaust, which are NOT the Stingers and are much cheaper in price! :shrug:
  9. I also talked to Wayne who's the racing parts manager, he said the $367.00 you quoted was their old price list, their new list price is now $395.00 + S&H although it's still not bad for FRPP/Borla stingers
  10. Jberylec, I tried the ebay link that you recommended and I guess I'm too late, bidding has ended for those stingers..Oh well, thanks for trying..I'll see if can talk Livernois Motorsports down from his $399.00 list price.. As for the guy who's selling his used ones ? I've already talked to him, and his are the Borla's not the FRPP's
  11. Yeah the eBay link was to the actual sale I finalized using "buy it now" :nice:

    I figured you'd just click on the seller to see his others available... but afterwords I noticed he raised the price on them! Sucks! Sorry man, I tried :(
  12. Just got my FRPP stingers last night. Can't wait to put them on!!!

    Between my JLT and these Axle Back's my car is gonna be one loud mutha!!
  13. With all the hype I guess these are pretty good exhaust replacements. Where are all the clips?
  14. Hey bra, dont be surprised when you fire it up and it's not really that loud...
    It's extremely deep, it shakes the walls, but it's not loud until after a few days of driving it, they break in and wake up :)

    Here's a sound clip, listen carefully to the lope towards the end as the idle comes down...
    (Recorded with my PDA, so it doesnt give it justice at all)
  15. jberylec

    Ordered some Steeda UDP's from Brenspeed today. $249.95 delivered to my door by the Big Brown truck. :D

    I'm looking forward to hearing what my Stingers sound like with a little more hp/torque. :nice:

  16. Sweet :)
    They should get louder with each power mod made :D
  17. i just got mine in from blueovalindustries, 417 shipped, ordered mnoday at 11pm, arrived around 12 today. i hate ups, the left side inlet was smooshed in some, just enough to make it not fit, had to wack it with a hammer some to get it on, still need to take it off and adjust some more, not worth the hassle to fight with ups to fix it, but i got it on the best ic ould. the right side was fine. the right side(the one that wasnt messed up) doesnt line up well both sides hang too low and are off center, any tips to fix this.
    i love the sound, deep and mean, not too loud, didnt notice much drone at 70.
  18. How long ago did you get them at the $417.00 price ?? I just checked blue oval industries website, and their listed at $429.95 + S&H :shrug:
  19. i ordered them monday at 11pm, i checked tuesday morning and they had upped the price