FRPP Borla Stingers installed

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  1. I ordered mine through Livernois last night at the price was $415 shipped.
  2. They're on and they are awesome. Like music to my ears!!!

    The clamps were a pain in the buttock.
  3. Hmm, Borla Stingers, Heard them at the track :nice: But if you wanta an exhaust that's like aural sex get IMCO. Just the other day I had a guy in a 1970 396SS Chevelle Ask me "Son you Got a Big block under the the there?
    At WOT it sounds like a pack of grizzly bears gargling with Mobil 1 :crazy: :hail2: Man I love!!! And the price is right, ninosport has it for $329 free shipping. The thing about the chambered mufflered choking the flow is not true! My car dynoed, 274hp/294tq with just IMCO/S&B and no tune so you be the judge of the efficiency. Every time I take the car to the track I get compliments on the sound of the exhaust :nice:
  4. I do indeed hope they sound nice. I can't believe that I just paid $400+ for a pair of mufflers with tips. And I am very picky about the sound of exhaust on a Mustang. Hopefully they live up to all the hype.

    I have heard the IMCO extreme axle-back soundclips online and they do sound mean. I think they look and sound very similar to a flowmaster one chamber. I wish more companies would build their chambered muffler kits out of stainless. $300+ for aluminized mufflers is just as rediculous as the $400 I just paid for the FRPP mufflers.
  5. I agree. I felt a little sick after paying $400 for the Borla/FRPP axle-backs, but they've been worth every penny so far.

    I've gotten a lot of compliments on my exhaust, and I absolutely love the sound. I've had Magnaflow and Flowmaster exhaust before, and I've been disappointed, but not this time around!
  6. Which Violator's did you get? regular stainless or the polished 304 stainless version? We are counting on most people really liking the polished mufflers being visable. I agree that the plain mufflers would be a little nicer unseen.
  7. i got the unpolished ones, even if they were polished i still dont like the way the new mustangs show the mufflers. pypes makes a cylinder type muffler the racepro maybe? how about making an 05 axleback with it. should get some magnapack, stinger, slp guys to switch. i know pypes makes a quality exhaust i had a catted x on my 03.
  8. ok, fair enough. We are working on a system that utilizes the round Race Pro(M-80) However, we were designing it to mount under the floors to try and get that 04' and older sound. Therefore at the very back of the car there would be a muffler delete Axle Back. So you wouldn't see a muffler.
  9. When do you guys think you will have this system done? I love the sound of the underfloor systems of the 04's and older. Maybe you guys could put a set of violators down there and i would take it up immediately. I have your guys street pro polished right now, and love the deep sound it gives out at idle. sounds like cam-in-block engine of old.

    and do you guys have any intention of making long tube headers?
  10. It will probably be a while. That system will probably be sold as a cat back. X pipe, M-80 mufflers, midpipes and muffler delete axle Back. We're currently experimenting with the sound changes when comparing catted vs non catted. I would estimate late Fall before we would actually start shipping.
  11. Steeda UDP's Installed - Stingers Deeper Sounding

    WOW to the 10th power :D

    Had the Steeda UDP's installed today - crank and water pump.

    The motor has awaken!!! This motor pulls like crazy. I base that on a comparison with my 94 GT. It had 285 rwhp / 311 rear wheel torque. The 3 valve is stronger, and pulls harder. Wow, what a difference the Steeda UDP's make! If you have not purchased them yet do it, you will not reget it!! I can hardly wait till cooler weather gets here so I can get a dyno done on it.

    Stinger fans, it's louder!! :nice: Just driving normal it's deeper and more aggressive, especially at WOT. On the way home from work, I passed a new 06/07 yellow and black Roush Mustang convertible. Looked awesome, but my exhaust got his attention when I floored it going by him. Later when I stopped at a light he went by me in a turning lane ,and the Roush exhaust sounded good, but no where near as good as the stingers. :hail2:

  12. My Stingers arrived today and I just finished installing them.
    1) The install was very easy and I was able to do it by myself with a bad left shoulder. If you have another set of hands, I can see installing the whole setup in a half an hour.
    2) The set-up is lightweight and compact. Good news on these heavy cars.
    3) The tips are BIG. They are borderline Ricer BIG, but they look decent in the cutouts.
    4) Sound: I really don't like the sound of most straight through type mufflers, but after hearing many sound clips and reading hundreds of positive comments, I took a gamble on these. The gamble paid off. The sound is exactly what I was looking for. Note: These mufflers to produce a fair amount of drone @ 1700-2000rpm. Easily as much as 2 chamber Flowmasters on a SN95. If you don't like drone, you might want to look into a milder sounding setup.
  13. I fixed it for you!! :D :nice:
  14. Thats how I was able to deal with the drone on my 5.0L. :D
    I think most buyers would love the sound of these mufflers and won't have an issue.