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  1. FRPP makes two sets of roller lifters. One is a standard oem replacement. The other is the same, with a few small changes that help obtain an " extra 200-300 rpm".

    I want to spin my motor to 6500 rpm with a N71 cam and AFM hi rev springs (450lbs open). Will stock style lifters work, or do I need the higher revving ones?

    Don't want to spring for $350 link bars if not necessary.

  2. That's weird, the "increased RPM" lifters were not available when I built my engine. Must be a relatively new thing.

    I typically turn my engine to ~6400 with the "regular" OEM lifters without issue. You might talk to a real cam guy about these new lifters...
  3. I think the stock ones are good to 6500 without a problem. I've heard of a few turning 6800-7k. But like Nik recommended I'd contact a cam guy or maybe call Anderson themselves
  4. I didn't know FRPP was making higher rpm lifters now. I use stock lifters and shift at 6300 rpms. Never had a problem going to 6500 and I have a bigger cam than an N71.

  5. the NMRA pure street guys have spun stock lifters to 9K... needless to say... they work fine
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  6. Oh, no doubt. I have read a lot on those guys. They make it happen, but there is a lot that goes into that. More than I am willing or able to do. I've also read that they go through those lifters like oil changes.

    Anyways, I bought the ones for sale. I think they will work fine for what I need. Appreciate the feedback.

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  7. true but its crazy how much harder 9000+ is on a motor compared to even 8000.
  8. Ive used stock lifters and spun them to 7500 a few times. I only did it on the dyno to see where the motor was making peak power. My shift point ended up being at 6800 rpms, and i had probably 50 passes and 3000 street miles like that , and who knows how many miles before i did the cam swap and started spinning it that high. The OEM lifters are great if the cam profile is right.
  9. I love high rpm motors. Honestly, 6500rpm worries me a little with the stock block. We will see. It's a 3.25" stroke, 28oz balance. I may look at a higher end balancer before it is all over.

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  10. No doubt they are tough. I just wasn't sure how they held up with spring pressure and rpm. Plus, my stockers are approaching 150k miles.