FRPP Lowering Springs. Any Opinions?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 5o5speed, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Does any one have anything to say, good or bad, about the Ford lowering springs? (They are alot cheaper than other springs on the market) How much would they lower a 91 GT? I currently have H&R Sepersports on my car and it is rubbing badly so I'm hoping that some Ford springs won't lower it as much. Here is a picture of my car.

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  2. Which ones? the B or C's ?
  3. Your car looks just fine. What shocks are you running?
  4. i agree. thats a nice stance

    i have fms springs in the front with 18's, and i had to get eibachs in the rear to even out the difference. had 1/2" gap in the front, and over 2 1/2" in the rear :eek:

    what is the advertised drop on the h&r springs? i believe fms will give you about 3/4" front, and 1/2" rear drop
  5. I don't know, which kit would you reccomend?
  6. Maximum Motorsorts Advertises the drop of H&R's as 1.25 inch in the front and 1.0 in the rear. However, I think they droped my car more than that. My main concern is the front because you can't roll the fender if you are rubbing.
  7. I'm still running the stock shocks. If I get better ones will it stiffen up my chassis and keep it from rubbing in the front?
  8. When shocks wear they that could be the problem. Your car does have a nice stance! I had a civic (i know sacraligious) that had adjustable coil -overs. When the shock started to go there was nothing I Could do to stop the rubbing. Even at full lift on the spring it still rubbed. I would upgrade the shocks, even if it doesn't fix the problem you still get much better handling.
  9. Yup. thats exactly where I was going with my question. Make the suspension work for you, instead of wondering why it doesnt when youd just slapped some springs in.
  10. Are you rubbing when going around corners or when you hit a bump?
    Even if you put new shocks in your car, if you are rubbing while turning, it will not help.
    BTW.... Ford springs are made by Eibach.
  11. Not to change the subject, but those wheels look soooo sweet! :nice:
  12. I have C's, I like 'em
  13. I have the stock setup. One of my friend's has the C springs and loves them.
  14. i have C's and i like them.
  15. C's w/koni's
    No worries
  16. I have "B" springs and for me they're perfect!
  17. FMS B springs here...Love em...C's are a little harsher-firmer IMHO...

    New shocks "might" help some, but when they wear your right back where you started...Remember the car sits on the springs and thats were the ride height comes from...The shocks are there to dampen the body bounce on the springs...Think about it...
  18. No matter who says what... Shocks and or struts DO NOT control ride height. The shocks/struts WILL NOT sag and make the car sit lower then normal. They WILL cause the spring to compress more then normal and cause a rub over bumps or potholes because the bound of the shock is not there anymore, cause the spring to compress more.

  19. Pop Pops beat me. lol
  20. I have had the B set on my Capri since 1991, and love them. They did lower it a bit more than I had planned in front, and I had to get castor/camber plates. Once I got them it has been great. Rides fine, drives and handles great.