Frpp M-5500 Rear Upper Control Arms, $200 Bucks?

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  1. Question is, I'm looking to replace the stock ones in the car now- nothing wrong with them just 23 years old and figure while I'm doing the rest of the suspension might as well replace these and be done with it. It's not a race car, just a DD and I dont need adjustable ones. I haven't needed to replace these in over a decade and in the past used the FRPP m-5500 for street cars with MM lowers. I know these have been discontinued and I can't believe places are getting like $200 for them now. Last time I bought them it was like $75 for a pair! All they are is a stock Ford unit with a SN95 bushing for crying out loud.

    What are you guys using that are a decent replacement. Not a big fan of poly uppers, as they tend to bind.

    Edit... found these Steeda uppers that look damn close to the FRPP ones for $100...Basically the Steeda ones- only issue is they are boxed and wont deflect as much as the stockers
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  2. When I bought my car, I was told that the FRPP ones were on my car. They are sitting on my shelf right now. Are there any marks on them to help identify that they are FRPP ones? If so, I could probably part with them for cheap.

  3. Thanks Joe.. They look like stockers, but have a firmer bushing from a SN95. Here's pics for reference.




    Pics of the Steeda ones....looks like they come with new poly bushings for the rear end housing.


    You can PM me on what your thoughts are on price...
  4. I'm not certain about this but if you get parts store replacements for an SN95 I'm pretty sure you'll get functionally the same thing.
  5. I will check on them this evening Mike. I will try to post a pic.

  6. Thanks Joe.
  7. This is my set up and is about the same price I paid for my frpp uppers.
  8. Avoid blue oval performance
  9. Going with
    • MM RLCA
    • MM Subfame connectors
    • MM CC plates
    • Ford RUCA
    • Steeda Sport springs
    • Tokico Blues
    • Prothane Poly bushings and isolators
    • New MM control arm bolts
    I think it should give a noticeable difference over the stock suspension. Again, it's a DD that won't see autocross or a drag strip.

    What's wrong with Blue Oval? I bought a few things from them before. Anything I should know.
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  10. I installed those gold steeds arms. They were $99 when I bought them.

    Basically the rubber SN95 arms, boxed, with the axle mount holes redrilled for the fox mustang and reinforced with washers. The bushing installed is rubber, and they supply you with a poly bushing for the axle, which I didn't use. I installed a new rubber bushing.

    I'm running mine with max motorsports lowers.
  11. Blueoval is fine as long as you get he part you asked for or it isn't back ordered. they have no problem yelling at customers or telling you to ****ing off
  12. Alright Mike, here are three pics. They look like they have a date stamped on them. If that is in fact a date, then they were made in 1997. They are pretty dirty when comparing them to a shiny new set. Not sure if it what you are looking for, but have a look. I took a picture of the end of one of them. That part rubbed against a bolt in my torque box reinforcement kit. It scuffed up the end. If they are not what you are looking for, or not in the shape you are looking for, no biggie. I thought I would offer them up, they are doing me no good. The bushings are in good shape BTW.


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  13. Hey thanks Joe. No problem if they are dirty, that can clean up. Bigger concern is if they are 16 years old, the rubber bushings being cracked/dried/distorted though they look decent in the one pic. Are they the 5500-A arms? Shoot me a PM with what you want for them and I'll let you know.

  14. I see a lot of people mixing and matching their upper and lower control arms. Why not go with MM uppers and MM lowers? (just using MM as an example) Is there some sort of added benefit by going with a different upper than the lower? Or is it all just personal preference and pricing? I went with a fully matched set on mine
  15. Normally I would say stick with the same company but MM recommends using the 94-04 ford upper.

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  16. If you were using another vendor's products you might be correct but keep in mind
    1. On a street car you want some deflection in the suspension, to avoid ripping out your torque boxes and excess binding.
    2. MM recommends the ford uppers anyway

    On most street cars, there is no reason to invest in adjustable rear uppers, so the Ford pieces are sufficient.
  17. So I could have saved myself some money by not getting matched uppers and lowers. Well damn

  18. Troofs... What's more is that if you look at MMs site, not only do they recommend them, they sell them. They also sell the bushing removal tool so that you can put NEW rubber bushings in your uppers if you already have the stiffer arms.
  19. I can't believe how many people use the OEM UCAs. This isn't about who my employer is. Even if the question was "should I run OEM or Brand X" I would always choose brand x, if it's a name brand competitor. The stock control arms are junk.
  20. I went with Summit brand uppers and lowers. Hope they're alright. Lol