Frpp Now Selling 5.4 Dohc Navigator Crate Engine!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by tjm73, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. M-6007-NA54 MSRP $4395.00

    Let the 5.4 DOHC conversions commence.


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  2. Won't you still have to pull the heads, gut the block and replace all the internals, have the heads worked, install cams, etc etc...? Then replace the whole upper intake if you go w/boost... Seems like you're buying alot of extra stuff you don't need. Unless u just wanna swap motor for motor straight up, but I don't think you'd get your money's worth out of that :shrug:

  3. All 5.4's have steel cranks now. So maybe Rods/pistons. But that's not the point. The 5.4 DOHC is not an easy engine to find yet, so having one available as a crate engine is a good thing.
  4. Weren't they always available as a crate engine? Anyways, you can't beat that price.

  5. Thats an awfully big maybe to deal with .. I would have to know DEFINITLEY if i were going to go with boost..
  6. whats the factory HP rating in one of those?
  7. 300 hp @ 5000 rpm
    355 lbs-ft @ 2750 rpm
    9.5:1 Compression
    Iron Block
  8. true. I never seen wrecked Navigater in Junk yard. I guess if i'm in near Hollywood, there might be crop load of them at local junkyard?
  9. 5.4L = 331cu right?

    Well, the Iron block is a plus. Steel crank similar to Cobra crank maybe? So you replace the rods n pistons and get the heads and cams done then add a blower... I guess thats not a bad have to swap computers too or can you flash a GT comp to work with that setup? you got me thinking...5.4 Nav crate or stay 2V's with a VT long-block and cams??

  10. Close, 329.63 inches (to be exact- 3.55 B x4.165 S) call it a 330. Doubt the heads need to be "done", but cams couldn't hurt.

    I'd like to do a Sullivan Performance Carb conversion and put one in a T-Bucket street rod for summer days when I don't want to drive my Mustangs.
  11. I wonder how the configuration of this motor compares to the config of the same motor ford is planning to boost and drop in the gt 500 net year...
  12. I'm sure the differences are signifigant. Different rods and pistons for sure. Probably a forged crank I imagine too. I doubt they'll do anything different to the heads. Possibly cams, but they say all PI headed engines, whether 4.6 or 5.4, have the exact same I think they may just run the same cams as a 4.6 DOHC.
  13. Call me crazy, but arent those numbers lower than the 4.6 DOHC they have in the mach? For almost an extra litre, i would expect much higher numbers.
    anybody know the reasoning behind this?
  14. I would say there are alot of diff in maybe cams and such that would make it seem this way..thats why most are stating that cams and such should be upgraded..
  15. I would buy the Boss 290 intake from Australia as well as some Cobra R spec cams and you would have one bad ass NA 5.4L.
  16. the GT500 will be using the exact same heads as the Cobra R/Ford GT which are the best flowing DOHC heads ford made period. it will be using the same valvetrain parts too, not too sure if it's the same cams though. pistons and rods will also be from the GT or at least be very similar to them if i'm not mistaken...could be wrong on that though.

    the Boss 290 intake is designed to work with 03/04 cobra heads which have smaller intake ports than navi heads to begin with. you can make more power using a sullivan intake and navi heads.
  17. I know the 4.6 PI mustang head is the same as the 4.6 PI truck is it the same with the DOHC heads?
  18. The 5.4 DOHC was configured for torque. Look at it's peak torque point. 2750 rpm?!?! Where does the DOHC (non-blown) have peak torque? A lot higher in the power band. Swap that mountain of an intake for a short runner and see what happens. A lot more hp and still more torque for sure.

    As for the reason for the very conservative numbers, the 4.6 DOHC has to move a 3500-4000 lbs car. The 5.4 DOHC was setup to move a 5500+ lb SUV.
  19. Are the Cobra R/Ford GT heads the same or different than the FRPP 32 valve DOHC heads? Anyone know? I think they are different.
  20. this is not a bad deal.. i am betting a lot of these will be swaped into the modular mustangs as they age.