Frpp Now Selling 5.4 Dohc Navigator Crate Engine!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by tjm73, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Those engines have been available for a while now. If I remember correctly, you could get them in last years FRPP catalog.
  2. I bought a 2005 FRPP catalog 2 months ago and it's not in it. It was not in my 2004 FRPP catalog either.
  3. Great price.....Swap to a Sullivan intake and its haulin!

    Not as easy to fit in the engine compartment, but its cool as heck!
  4. for $4500 i whether drop in a built 2-valve and save the headaches and avoid the weight gain.
  5. Hmmm, how much more does an iron 5.4 DOHC Longblock weigh than an iron 2V GT Longblock? N E Body know?
  6. if i'm remembering correctly the FRPP 32V DOHC heads are the FR500 heads. so yes they would be different. the R/GT heads have larger and taller intake ports than the navi heads. the only difference between the R/GT heads is the GT heads have a slightly revised and better cooling passages in them. otherwise they are the same.
  7. No, the navi heads are different than the R heads....they had a thing about it in a mag...a guy worked on navi heads for like over a month...then got ahold of some R heads and in a few days was flowing more than the navi's. They are different, R heads are AMAZING...that 5.4 dohc GT500 will be able to pull out an easy 800-900RWHP with a different S/C. TTS will put it to around 1000. Those Ford GTs will run LOW 10s with just a pully swap! Heads are where your power is, and IMO I am mad as heck that the cobra gets heads like that LOL, us 2V guys wont stand a chance agains one of those cars when they swap S/Cs. The 2V heads flow about half as much as the R heads LOL.
  8. I have noticed lately that alot of Lightning owners have gotten used Navi engines and rebuilt them to put in their trucks to replace the 2V engines. Add to that, many of them are throwing on turbo's(some are going twin turbo) instead of the supercharger. Its starting to become a big thing to dump the 2V engine in favor of the 4V because its so much better and easier to get more power from them.

    I think it would be interesting to see some one do the same with a Mustang. Get a used Navi engine, rebuild it with forged parts, port the heads and get some nice cams and then throw on a power adder. A engine like that can make one sick Mustang. All it needs is somebody with the money, time, and ablility to do it.
  9. if you want to see what the possiblities are out of a 5.4 4v motor, check out Al Pappito's cobra. He goes by the username of Boss330 on just about all the mustang boards. his current configuration right now has him using a Ford GT block and heads, with a Cobra R lower intake and dry sump oiling system. one sick, yet verrry expensive engine.
  10. that sucks for a DOHC 5.4, that sounds exactly the same as the SOHC 5.4.
  11. Its tuned and configured for a huge-ass SUV. Change the tune and the intake, maybe even cams and those numbers will be ALOT higher. Maybe even do the heads and pistons to drop the compression ratio and drop on a 2.4L KB...Id love to see that :nice: