FRPP or Mutha Thumpr Cams

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  1. So I'm finally am ready to upgrade my camshafts. I've narrowed it down to either the FRPP Hot Rod Cams or the Comp Mutha Thumpr Cams. I'm leaning towards the FRPP only because it doesn't require the extra phaser limiter kits. However, all the videos of the Mutha Thumpr sound amazing. I've heard the Mutha Thumpr cams causes more driveability issues in comparison to the FRPP cams. Has anyone installed either one of these camshafts and have any advice on the sound & install?

    FYI, its for a 2008 Mustang GT with Pypes Longtubes, Pypes cat-less H pipe, and Pypes Pype Bomb Axle Back.
  2. I've had the mutha thumpers in my 07 for the past 2-1/2 yrs - they do have some slight driveability issues - like for mine - it ramps up in the rev's sometimes - ( I've cleaned the throttle body twice) - when the A/C is on - or sometimes by itself - not always - but enough to be annoying - Brenspeed won't even service them anymore - they say it's something with the tune ( which I bought from them) - and I was going to get it dyno tuned to try and correct it - But I hardly ever drive it - so I put up with it - that's one and only bad thing I've had -

    Now for the good - with the straight H pipe and the cherry bombs I welded in - IT SOUNDS AWESOME!!

    I love them - that and with the 4:10's in it - wow you feel it - People ALL the time ask me what the heck 'do you' have in that thing??? and I get a lot of thumbs up - they are pretty wild -

    The FRPP's and the brendspeed's detroit rockers are probably ok - in a sense if I wasn't so gung ho about them (mutha thumprs ) I would probably try the FRPP's - you don't 'get' much HP out of any of them anyway - like 30 / 35 (which isn't bad for me - I only drive around town - no dragstrip ) it's more for sound and a little more go power - with your exhaust set up - it will sound rock-in - old school like mine -

    Here's the you tube vid after I completed it w/ a ford tech buddy -
    It's with a poop camera type - the wind noise is high and it doesn't pick up the sound that good until the very end - but I hope it helps -:nice: -
  3. I recently put the frpp in my whipple supercharged mustang.
    of course the good is you can do it in a couple hours if you know what your doing, because you don't have to have springs or phasers. ( you do have to have new cam phaser bolts )
    They do sound good, I think comp sounds slighlty rougher, but the frpp have given me good drivability after I tuned it with my sct pro-racer software.

    The bad is, you only get sound, don't let them tell you you get gobs of hp, because you don't. ( I gained nothing on the dyno )
    Your are spending your $700+ for sound only. However, I now get more comments on this car than I do My 2007 Shelby.
  4. Footbrake is correct - these are not HP monster getters - more for sound than anything - I feel that I did get about 30 HP out of mine - but I have other mods - I'm sure if I started over and dyno tuned it when they went in I would get more of an increase - you'll need new cam bolts and new phazers if you go mutha thumprs -
  5. I just recently installed the Thumper cams. I couldn't be happier with them. Click the link below to see and hear.