FRPP vs. Bassani BX catback?

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Which one?

  1. Bassani Bx catback

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  2. FRPP catback

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  3. other

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  1. Sorry to those who have exhaust systems and are tired of another thread- this one is personal (as they all are):D .

    I've got my exhaust choices down to two models the FRPP catback or the Bassani Bx . I know there are many many magnaflow fans out there, but took it off my list because of the tips and drone factor and sound (personal preference). Yes, the prices are excellent for SS, but doesn't override the other factors for me.

    I guess my decision comes down to one question. Is it worth it to pay $100.00+ for the sound quality and performance enhancement of the Aluminized version of the Bassani over the SS FRPP catback? For reference I like the sound that my car makes with just the Bassani catted X and stock catback, just want it a decent amount louder. Will I regret not getting Bassani sound or not getting a SS exhaust?

    There was some confusion as to whether the Bx series comes with baffles or not. If they don't then the extra cost savings of the SS Bassani, may not be worth it for me to be able to use the baffles for those long rides to cut down on any droning.

    Thanks for listening and your opinions.
  2. No drone here with my Magnaflow. If Magnaflow was one of your choices, I would have voted for that. I did vote for the SS FRPP, cause I would never trust an aluminized system.
  3. Go Bassani!!

    I happen to love the drone, but it's only around 2200 RPMS. So cruising at a bit of a higher RPM will get rid of that factor. Trust me, you'll love the drone and wouldn't want the baffles if you had them!!!

    P.S. Have had the Aluminized for about a year and no problems. My parking lot pretty much sits on the beach at work and the erosion factor has not hurt me one bit. I inspect my set-up about every other month to check for erosion/rusting. Nothing!
  4. Well, I never had drone w/ my Magnaflows, but that a whole nother barrel of monkeys. :D

    Honestly, I'm just not a fan of FRPP parts. IMHO, there are too many other (better) aftermarket parts out there.

    As far as Basani goes, that is just a personal preference, I'm just not as big a fan as most ppl. IMHO, I want stainless steel, and I think you can get more for your $$$.

  5. If I had a 99+, the choice would be magnaflows because it's made with SS and the tips do look good out the exits of that bumper. Because of the exposed rear bumper with my bodystyle, the Bassani and FRPP have the polished tips I'm looking for to go along with their catbacks. Again, I love the Bassani sound the best, but would prefer SS. The SS bassani is just tooooo expensive for me. I never heard FRPP with a catted bassani X though.
  6. If you DO go with the Bassani Cat-Back set-up, PM me and let me know what you think becuase I'm looking at tossing on a Bassani Catted X myself. Are your heads P&P or did you do a headswap? Put up you sig. or a list of mods, as I am running a 98' GT and would like to compare.

    Thanks :nice:
  7. my .02 would be to save up for the bassani quiet thunder. you have to go for sound with exhaust. I got the borla instead of the bassani. I had to buy an offroad midpipe. the borla was just too quiet stock. I think the FRPP would be the same way. too quiet.
  8. Thanks. I guess that's what I'm afraid of is that I wouldn't be quite happy without the Bassani and will consider just waiting till I have the extra ~200 more for the SS Bassani QT or SC.
  9. I sure will. My sig is posted above - kind of hard to see up there. I have stock non-ported heads with PI cams which makes it sound a little meaner when you rev it up as well as adding hp/tq.
  10. Personally, if you are planning to keep the stang a while, I would spring for the SS version. Sooner or later, the muffler will rust out if you don't get the SS.

    I had the catted X and QT catback, and it didn't drone (nothing like Flowmaster drone that is).
  11. i voted bassani
  12. I vote for the FRPP. Go to to hear my sound clip with MRT catted h-pipe. The fit was perfect and there is no drone, but it sounds good.
  13. Go FRPP.... I have it on my 02 GT and really like it... Kinda a wish it was a little louder but i am sure when i get a MRT H-Pipe it will sound perfect.. If you want to hear the FRPP in person we could meet up on a weekend.

  14. Appreciate the offer. I will PM you to see if we can hook up for a little 7-11 coffee and revs, although it will not be all telling since I have a catted X and you have the stock H. I did go back on and checked out the clips. To me, the FRPP sounds very much like stock but hard to tell how much louder with the clips.

    A side note, I priced out the Bassani Bx today - comes in at 430.00 shipped where as the FRPP is 300 shipped, so I could save quite a bit of money with the FRPP if only it's loud enough. :)
  15. LI98GT, i have some other sound clips that were posted a few months back...If you want them PM me your email address...
  16. Another vote for the FRPP! I love mine, but then again I was looking for something only a little bit louder than stock... With the stock H-pipe, it has a nice low rumble to it that I really like. :)
  17. Figures. Just about a 50/50 split on the votes. I like the low rumble that you mention and hopefully the high flow cats will add to the volume, as I really would like the catback I get to be more than only a little bit louder than stock -since I'm going mostly for sound here. I PM'd StevenGT to see if he can send me his clip so thanks guys again for the advice.
  18. Update:

    Ordered FRPP exhaust on Friday afternoon and and arrived yesterday. I installed it today and it was a PITA because it comes in only two pieces and didn't have a jack that could raise the car high enough to drop the rear end to make room for the exhaust pipes. I had to unbolt the lower shock bolt and the upper control arms (one at at time) to give me enough room to maneuver the pipes over the axle.

    My first impressions is that it is definately quiet for a catback. Not nearly loud enough for what I was going for, but it's better sounding and performance wise, it feels like it uncorked some hp especially at the upper end. It is louder than stock and sound quality is very good with the Bassani X combo.