FRPP vs. Bassani BX catback?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by LI98GTStang, Nov 3, 2003.


Which one?

  1. Bassani Bx catback

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  2. FRPP catback

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  3. other

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  1. I can't vote for either one. I can say that if your are not happy with the sound you will kick yourself so the bassani is proably the best choise but at the same time I really like stainless exhaust. my vote is for the bassani stainless system. I know it is expensive but you will never second guess the choice. I really second guessed my borla choice util I put an o/r pipe on. I still wonder if I had went bassani if I would have been happy with just the catback. don't know.
  2. basanni = sexy
  3. No doubt Bassani is the best sounding exhaust. For me, I just couldn't afford/justify spending ~$130 more for the aluminized Bassani Bx and then another ~$130+ for the SS version. I had a recent experience where a supposed excellent quality aluminized exhaust mid pipe rusted through in a three year time frame on me at the resonator portion on my station car. The back half is in great condition, but that is SS. I didn't want to have to replace my exhaust in a few years.

    I just took it for a good run to get a better handle on it. Definately feel the power all through the power band but especially in the 3k and above rpms. When just revving it up sounds very good and loud, just not that much more so at idle. Maybe it's the cats on the X pipe?

    Another note for '98 owners, the tips are an increase in size, stay slash cut and look nice, but the tips are not polished all the way back to the wheels. Not an issue for 99+ guys as the bumper covers most of the tips. Good news is that there is no pinch on the pipes near the rear wheel which appeared soo restrictive.
  4. Good choice :nice: I love my FRPP cat-back, for the price IMHO it's the best cat-back for the MGT. 2.5" mandrel bent (which is why there are no pinches)Stainless steel, can't beat that. With a nice X/H-pipe it uncorks it's great sound. I can't justify paying hundreds more for a system made out of aluminized steel if only for sound :shrug:
  5. I went for SLP, for $342 how could U beat it !