FRPP Warranty?

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  1. So i bought, among other parts, an FRPP TOB. Mustang shop put it in (along with a Mcleod Super Street Pro Clutch - I didn't know I needed it until they pulled the transmission and inspected it. I KNEW I needed a TOB, and THOUGHT FRPP would be an excellent one) and it immediately squeals. They remove the transmission again, buy their own recommended TOB (BCA Brand) and installed it, problem solved. They charged me $250 for the first swap, $125 for the second swap. I appreciate that they worked with me on the bill...
    I came home and checked on Brothers Performance website (where I had bought my parts) and I see the FRPP parts have no warranty. And, of course, nobody is responsible for the labor I had to pay to remove and replace their defective part - Thanks FRPP.
    What I really don't understand is getting an immediately defective part that I simply have to eat the cost of because FRPP doesn't stand behind their parts at all.
    Mustang Shop also installed a Mcleod Super Street Pro Clutch - nice!

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  2. That does suck, but I can understand why it's not a warrantied part. Too many variables that could lead to accelerated wear or near instant destruction of that bearing.

    Are you sure the bearing itself was bad? I would imagine the shop would have inspected it before installing and if it was in bad enough shape that it squealed, it should have been noticeable before installation. Usually they squeak because the preload against the pressure plate is wrong and the fact of bearing bounces and skips off the pressure plate fingers. They squeal when the bearing itself is wearing out/coming apart. Hopefully this wasn't the shop's attempt to make some more $ to install the parts they offer.
  3. Usually only hear good things about the FRPP TOB. Ive seen posts on here statingits the only one to use with any clutch swap. Hmmm
  4. That is a wear item, no one would warranty that.
  5. A brand new, defective out of the box part? I think that's pretty :poo:ty customer service - you should at least count on the part working initially.

    @ Burning Rubber - The shop wasn't trying to take me for a ride - heck, they didn't even charge me for the new TOB and cut the cost of the RNR labor in half. The crappy thing is, if the bearing wasn't customer supplied he would have (initially) eaten the entire cost of labor and charge the supplier. Lesson learned - let him buy the parts in the future.
  6. That's good. It didn't sound like they were, but now a days it seems like that's what you can expect. That's sad to say.
  7. Yeah I have a hard time trusting any auto service shop - they always try to 'up-sell', which makes me believe they'll also tell you that you need something that you don't actually need.
  8. Another possibility could be the shop **** it up somehow, made up some bull:poo: story about the FRPP part, and then "did you a favor" by letting you only pay half the cost of them going back in there.
  9. UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Brother's Performance customer service - I explained the situation and they've issued me an RGA (Return Goods Authorization). Hats off to BROTHER'S PERFORMANCE for standing behind what they sell. :cheers:
  10. True, true - I hear ya...but I have the part in hand, getting ready to ship it back to Brother's. It appears to be fine and turns freely, doesn't appear to be damaged...but spinning in my hand and spinning at 1k+ RPMs will surely yield different results. At the end of the day I've come to trust the guys at my Mustang Shop (here in the Clearwater area it's Real Speed Racing - 727-446-8081).
  11. These guys have installed my clutch and my gears. Not one problem. I'm running a Powergrip clutch with their TOB. So IDK..
  12. Yeah Josh it was you who had recommended Real Speed. They did my gears as well. BTW, they've moved to a much larger building, a stone's throw from the old shop. Driving south on Hercules you'll want to go past the old entrance, then turn on Sherwood, drive all the way to the end and then turn right -boom, there it'll see a handful of Mustangs out front.

    (Google Maps tells me it's 1713 North Arcturas Avenue.)