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  1. I tell you what I'm kinda frustrated with my stang. I hate it when you fix something and it still dosen't work right. My steering is pissing me off. I have replaced the gearbox and power sterring pump on my mustang twice in the last two months and it still is not working right. CRAP!!! :bang:

    I'd do the rack thing but the kits are really expensive and doing it with parts from the junk yard is not going to be easy. Oh well I guess I'll just have to live with the stupid gearbox.

    Shoot, sometimes I think I should just trade my mustang in for a new car. The problem with that is there is no way I'll ever get out of it what I put into, all the new cars that I'd like to have are way out of my price range (more than 220 dollars) and I'd miss my stang something awful.

    I just have to hang in there a little longer. I've almost got everything the way I want it. It just seems overwhelming sometimes. Mainly thats because everything cost money which being a student I have none of. :shrug:
  2. I know what you mean. I'm also a student with a low income, though I'm not paying for college yet. The rainy season is always a real drag for me as the car still has a few leaks that I either can't find or won't stay fixed. The sagging suspension, gas milage, drum brakes, and charging system that's failed on me a few times more than once all make me seriously consider another car atleast once a month. But I think everything is finally coming well enough to stop giving me problems (ya I know...but let me keep dreaming). It's all worth it on that sunny day though or the cold morning when the sound of the exhaust echos throughout the entire neighborhood.

    As far as college goes for me next year...I'm gonna stop spending money on the stang this summer and save up 3grand or whatever I wind up making and buy a 2nd car. After that...all funds will go directly to the edjamakation. Cheer up, I think anyone with a classic as their primary car gets depressed about it sometimes.
  3. if i had to drive mine everyday i'd probabaly have to walk a lot, that's why i have a 93 jeep cherokee, decent mileage, cheap payments (only 1 left) cheap insurance (classified as a station wagon), fairly comfy ride, plenty of power for a daily driver and it can haul stang parts easily :nice:
  4. I know the college/low budget woes that are associated with owning a classic stang, I just graduated this past May. It is not easy to upgrade our cars while on such a strict budget, but you know what, you will enjoy every nickel and dime you were able to sink in her when you are able to. Just from this past summer was I able to start acquiring parts to do the cool/fun modifications that everyone else has been able to do.

    I love it though when people ask me, "Hey Mike, you still have that Stang you had in high school?" The anwer to most people's amazement is a resounding yes. I wonder how they will react in 20 years when I still have it??

    Remember, it is a hobby, you can step away from hobbies for a while if the time, money, or patience begins to wear thin. Thats the joy of a hobby, it is not a job.

    Good luck!!!!
  5. O.k.., I just fixed something on mine and I'm in a "good place" right now. What is your steering doing or not doing? I have been in your situation many times.
  6. Woo Whoo some help! Okay here it goes, when I turn right the wheel feels like it is binding and at certain points it even feels like it is locking up. So, it is like hard... harder... easy... hard. It is wierd and I really don't understand why this is happening. I thought maybe it was low fluid but it wasn't that, so I changed the pump and it got no better, so I got a new gearbox and hey th same thing happened. The only thing I didn't change in the system was the lines.

    The first two weeks after I installed the first gearbox it was great then I went on a 300 mile trip out of town and on the way back the problems started.

    Any sugestions you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated.

  7. first make sure the lugnuts are tight, i know that sounds stupid, but i've seen it happen, next thing i would check are the wheel bearings, it's most likely some small stupid thing like that. i ad a wheel bearing go out on my 70 cougar and it was acting just like you describe before it went, also right at the very end the brakes didn't work very well either, they'd be hard at first the they would just go to the floor
  8. my 65 does that when you turn it lock left. It like gets "hung" there, and you have to turn real hard to the right to get it undone, but ive checked everything, just must be something when it goes all the way left *shrugs*
  9. 65fastback2+2 have you checked to see if the steering stops are set properly and that they are both actually still there?
  10. bound up idler?

  11. Yeah it is something like that except I don't have to turn all the way to the lock. I don't know what is ment by a bound up idler, and I have no idea where the steering stops are located. I do know that my wheel bearings are fine I installed new ones in november and they have less than 3000 miles on them. My stang does a few different things when there is a problem with them. I know because I had one fail on me before.

    Oh I was thinking last night and one other part I didn't change is the rag joint or at least I think that is what it is called. It is the thing that connects the steering column to the gearbox. I really don't think that it could be the problem but who knows.

    Hey do you guys know if it would be possible to use a gearbox and pump from a newer ford vehical? Is that even an idea worth considering?

    Thanks again for all the suggestions. :nice:
  12. jikelly, have you checked the strutrod bushings to make sure they are properly torqued down? also have you checked the pitman and idler arms to make sure they aren't binding or hitting anything at full lock?
  13. I have checked the pitman and idler arms to insure that they are working properly, but I have no idea about the proper torque or installation procedures for the strutrods and their bushings. There was nothing in the chilton's repair manuel on that.