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  1. I guess I'm different then in what i consider garbage to be
  2. New cars are too fussy, too many unnecessary bells and whistles.. Modification may be nice, but true customization via hands on, hard work, blood and sweat along with the pride that goes along with the accomplishments you've earned yourself.. Anyone can change a few bolts and add something, but someone who really feels the essence of an old car appreciates fixing it much more!

    I appreciate the simpler things. Knowing I can use a simple set of sockets and a couple screwdrivers to fix it myself! It may be a toasted starter for me today that makes me upset, valve cover gaskets tomorrow, suspension next month and exhaust after that, but I'm not compromising the integrity of my car for something shiny and sparkly just for the sake of it being easy!

    Nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is good!

    So have a blast spending a fortune on your shinny mods, I'll spend a fortune on good old blood, sweat and elbow grease all over my fantastic boobs and be as happy as a clam doing it!
  3. I'd drive over my Fox with a monster truck in a heart beat if it meant I was getting a brand new 5.0L as it's replacement. I'll take new garbage over old garbage any day. I can tinker with anything. It would be nice for a change to be able to take a drive outside the city without the worry if I'll need to be towed home because something on my Fox has broken.

    You're reading way to far into it. Just because YOU appreciate the "essence" of an old car more than a new one, doesn't mean other will. There are still plenty of parts that will "bolt on" to the newest gen with a set of simple hand tools. I can skin my knuckles on shiny new metal, just as easily as rusty old stuff.

  4. Sadly, regardless of age and upkeep you take that chance with any car just pulling out of your own driveway.
    I take very good care of my daily driver and I've been stranded unexpectedly by stupid things breaking (starters are a very common problem here!) Haha

    Then again I know people who drive the biggest hunks o junk that run better and have less problems than some people have with these new cars off the lot!
  5. Play the, beats old every time.
  6. The new cars are nice, but they are missing the death trap feel of the fox body. I guess that's a hard thing to sell new car buyers on now. I guess I should count my blessings, my 93 rarely gives me any trouble. Probably something to do with only driving it about 200 miles a year and the car having 42k miles on it. Im sure the day will come when it starts falling apart. Other than the running gear, foxes aren't exactly known for their durability as far as consumables go, especially if you use them every day. For that reason I cant blame someone for wanting a new one.

  7. Although I'm with you and your fantastic-ness :nice: , I'll bet on new cars every day. They are better for safety and reliability. Also, who wouldn't love that new 412hp 5.0 Coyote? However, as it's been explained, new cars just don't get the juices pumping with too many bells and whistles, computer thingy's, feels to much like a luxury car, etc.....

    My fox is not and never will be a DD, if i were to have to rely on it to get me to work every day and pick my kids up i'd have to say good-bye. But that's not the case.
  8. I think we are on different pages here. I wasn't referring to Mustangs only. For some of us, our Mustangs are our weekend cars that when something breaks, we leave sitting on jackstands for 3 months and deal with it on our own time. For my daily driver, i want nothing more than to put gas in and go. I have a 50+ mile daily commute and a 100+ mile commute i must make a 2 days biweekly, I don't have time to fix things, and like said, playing the odds New > old every time.

    I don't quite understand the hatred towards new cars. I'm on many different forums and all i hear is "i'll never own a car with a computer in it" or "i'll stick to carbs" or "I don't need A/C in a down is plenty". These arguements make no sense. I love wrenching on my Fox...but i also love the creature comforts of AWD, 4-wheel disk ABS, traction control, stability control, Navi, 6-disk changers, Sat radio, Ipod hookup, HIDs, heated seats, etc etc etc.

  9. I think it needs to be said that for the most part I love my Mustang for the purpose I use it for, fun on weekend cruises. I have an 05' F-150 Screw for my DD. Winters out here are no place for a lowered and/or rear wheel drive vehicles. On snowy icy roads my F-150 get me there with great 4wd. I would not drive an older 4wd truck out here, newer technology for 4wd (for traction and turning) is way better.

    This debate about newer vs older I believe is not to be focused completely on daily drivers in my opinion. However, whether a DD or a fun car, technology is getting more and more complicated for the DIY person. I purchased a XLT F-150 because it didn't have all the fancy crap that the Lariat and King Ranch comes with. Don't care for it, more crap to break in the future. I can't tell you enough how much I hate computers trying to tell me on the dash that I need to change the oil, or my tire pressure is low or whatever.

    New or old, i want basic.
  10. This exact same argument can be used for an old vs new Mustang as well. ;)

    I think your argument has less to do about old vs new and more about you just liking your Fox. Nothing wrong with that, but it sounds as though you're trying to make excuses to justify its ownership.....which you really shouldn't have to. It's your car, done your way....enjoy it.
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  11. No excuses here for justifying my fox. I know things get better with time and technology (some i think are good, some not). There's just some cars that I'm passionate about and some I'm not. I can look at a 67 GTO and my heart starts beating like a kick drum and then look at the new GTO and vomit. It's not that way with new Mustangs, I think their still the nicest American "muscle" car on the road, but I'm conflicted with how I feel about them. Maybe I need to test drive one and see if I get wood.
  12. If I had my choice I would have a new Shelby, Roush, Coyote (you get the idea) as my DD and my fox vert for the weekends and nice nights. Unfortunately my profession requires my '12 F-250. I do like the comforts, reliability and comfort (although my fox still has AC and will stay that way) of new cars and warranties. So in my perfect world, don't argue on what's best, just have both.
  13. Amen to that! My DD is a Saturn.. For a reliable car, it doesn't get much more basic than that!

    And to be totally honest, I don't even like the car! Can't wait to buy a "new to me" car! :)