Frustration! What do I need to put a GT-style grille on a V6?

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  1. I've been searching for days and I simply can't find a through-and-through answer. I keep seeing stuff like, "Oh, I got this grill from some guy on teh Intarwebnetz" without any actual links or pictures or anything.

    What I want:

    • GT-style grill that fits the V6 grill opening
    • Wiring harness (with fuse, relay, etc.) like what's included with the Pony Package grill upgrade kit from Ford, which needs to work with the factory Ford switch
    • Factory headlight/fog switch
    I mean... The basic gist is that I want the Pony Package upgrade kit, but I want it with a GT-style grill. However, I do know that there's no such actual package.

    I know that the switch can be gotten from American Muscle. They have a grill that they say is GT-style... But the fogs are too close to the center for my liking. It's like they took the GT and the Eleanor grills and split the difference. I've seen wiring harnesses on eBay, but I don't know for sure that they're compatible with the factory switch.

    I'm kinda shocked that nobody's capitalized on making an all-in-one kit since this seems to be a much sought after mod for V6 cars.

    So... Those of you who have done this mod the way I want to do it, what did you get and how'd you do it?
  2. You should be able to get a complete package for the V6 front from American Muscle.

    This is the one I have, a little closer together, yes, but not much Mustang GT Style Replacement Grille w/ Fog Lights & Pony Cutout (05-09 V6)

    I read about someone putting a GT grille in the V6 but the tabs don't line up so you have to do a lot of work and make some brackets and compensate for the size difference in the width of the grilles. I'll see if I can find the link.
  3. here's what you'll need;

    a GT 'styled' grill to fit a V6 fascia. $125-$250 depending on who's you buy

    2 GT fog lights, $100-ish if you go with factory parts from newtakeoff.

    1 wiring harness, $80-$150 depending on which of these you buy. The cheaper one has a rocker switch that mounts right on your headlight switch, looks almost factory and does all the same things. ie; goes off when you turn on the brights and is dependent on the key being on to work. The more expensive one has a factory headlight switch. Both will need to be wired in unless you have a pony pkg w/the pony grill. Then all you'd need is the grill and the GT fogs.

    The stock GT grill will not work in a V6 fascia. Some people have made them work, but there are gaps on the sides and the mounting tabs are different.

    You can find a GT styled grill with wide set lights just like the GT, or close set fogs that are centered right under 10" LeMans style stripes spaced 2" apart.
  4. Have you actually found a GT-style grill that fits on a V6? Like I said in my first post, American Muscle has a grill, but the lights are closer from the sides of the grill than on the GT.
  5. here's the first one I found when I typed 'mustang V6 grill' into a search engine, I don't care for this one, I like the honeycomb style as it matches the factory hood scoop, but there's alot of them out there. This one is a little spendy too;

    Mustang V6 Black Replacement Main Grill with Foglights

    Part# 72-GF-MUS05VGL-BK

    Shadow Black Euro kidney Grill and Foglights, made of ABS plastic. Gives your car a custom look, protects your car radiator, intercooler, and other vital engine components. Easy to install, direct replacement. Fits V6 only 2005-2009. Wiring harness sold separately.


    2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Mustang Grilles at

  6. I like that grill. The lights are a little closer together, but still room for the pony. I did the center fog grill but had to lose the big, chrome pony, too bad, I like that.