FS 1996 Saleen S281 39600 miles

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  1. A very rare and authentic 1996 Saleen S281 Convertible. 1 of 14 with this color combination. Triple black #380 39600 original miles. 3500 miles on the built motor

    This car makes very good power and is a blast to drive. It is a rare find, and very clean for being 13 yrs old.

    The only Items that have changed since the being shipped from saleen are; Ford leather seats, changed for Saleen Racaro cloth seats, and saleen silver wheels, for the new generation chrome wheels.

    Interior: Saleen Racaro racing seats, pro sport fuel pressure gauge, AEM wideband, and tru boost gauges.

    Exterior: 18" saleen wheels, chrome 18x9. Brand new 275 tires in the rear, 265s up front 60 % of tread. 35% tint on the front windows, 5% on the rear. 96 cobra twin piston brakes, with 13" cross drilled, and slotted rotors.

    Engine: 5.0 Stroker, 8.8:1 CR, Manley pistons, forged I beam rods, and crank. ARP 2000 rod bolts and main bolts. Brand new ported PI heads, PI intake, Stage III CMS cams. ON3 Performance Single Turbo kit, MP70 mm turbo, 31x12x3 front mount IC, Tial 50mm BOV, 38mm waste gate. All piping is 304SS. PMAS maf, BBK 78mm TB/Plenum. 60lb injectors. Magnaflow mufflers and tailpipes. Maximum motorsports Poly motor mounts and FRPP firewall adjuster and clutch quadrant.

    Drive train: FRPP aluminum driveshaft, 03 cobra clutch and aluminum flywheel, Saleen 3.55 gears, Pro 5.0 Shifter w/ 35th anniversary shift know. MGW shift handle

    Suspension: Saleen race craft rear springs and shocks, front sway bar. Granatelli tubular K member and coilovers. Tokiko front struts. Maximum Motorsports Caster camber plates, and bump steer kit.

    Will also include soft spyder cover, SCT tuner with 2 tunes. Letter of authenticity from saleen. I also have most receipts for the modifications to the car.

    Asking $15,700.00

    Ext is a 7/10 could use new door decals, and has some light swirl marks. Very very minor knicks in the front fascia, Interior is 9/10 with a small tear in the passenger side visor .

    Drivers side front wheel has very minor curb rash.

    On the dyno it made 592 hp 592 tq on only 13psi of boost. It is very drivable and fun. I averaged 22 mpg on the freeway on my last road trip.

    It is very quite and fun to drive around town, but it also possesses that great kick when you get into boost if you need some excitement. It is a true sleeper until you decide otherwise.

    I have changed the oil every 3000 miles using FORD 5w30 Synthetic blend.

    I have a TON of pictures of the car, and modifications. I also have a lot of photos of the engine build process as well.

    Feel free to PM or email me at [email protected] for any questions

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