FS: 1999 Mustang GT 49k miles, 35th Anniversary Edition #1177 of 4628!

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  1. Up for sale is a black 1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary Edition with only 49xxx miles! Asking $9000. The car is currently located in Birmingham, AL. You can email me at [email protected], or PM me for a phone number.

    The car is extremely clean. The factory black paint is in very good condition with only minor nicks and imperfections. The interior is also in extremely good condition, the seats show very slight wear (not tears!) on the side bolsters and the driver's seat has a small rip in the middle. The dash, carpets, and rear seats are like new.

    This vehicle is 1 of only 4628 35th Anniversary Edition black GTs ever made, which gives the car the unique silver and black two tone interior, "35th Anniversary" floor mats, silver "35th Anniversary" gauges, and serial # plaque under the hood.

    The car has always been in the south and is rust free. It has never been in an accident and still has all the factory body panels and paint. I have installed a cold air intake and an off-road H pipe but other than that the car is completely stock. I do still have the original midpipe with the factory cats which I can either have installed or give the buyer with the vehicle. The car has General Exclaim UHP tires all around with quite a bit of tread still left. Feel free to read the reviews of this tire on TireRack, they are extremely good in rainy conditions but still have a very aggressive tread with great traction.

    The car is extremely clean and I had plans of eventually building this car up, but as it usually happens the money wasn't there. I will be moving to Seattle in June and simply don't need to take the car with me. I don't have any place to store the vehicle and keep the miles low, so its time for me to pass this on to someone else who can take car of the car and respect it for the unique low milage serial numbered car that it is!

    EDIT: As Jason points out below, the car is apparently missing the 35th Anniversary Edition rocker panels and side scoops! I never even noticed it before as the car does have the special edition seats, door panels, gauge pod, floor mats, badges, and serial # plaque. Sorry if this caused any confusion, its news to me too! The car is the 35th Anniversary Edition and has been in no accidents, best guess is the previous owner swapped the rocker panels and scoops out to make a little extra $$ at some point.

  2. The car is still available, taking offers!
  3. Lowered the asking price to $11000, feel free to send me offers. A car's only worth what someone will pay for it so if you're interested shoot me an offer and lets see if we can make a deal!
  4. Lowered to $10500, still taking offers!
  5. I am suddenly confused. I just noticed that your "Limited Edition" GT does not have the correct rocker moldings and the side scoops are not correct either. I know you visited the Limited forums before. Any ideas? Also missing the hood stripe, but that is minor considering they get older and are removed.

  6. I never actually noticed that it didn't have the anniversary edition rocker panels or scoops until you just mentioned it (bought this car last Februrary)! It has the seats, door panels, carpets, badges, an serial # plaque so its clearly an anniversary edition, but I guess one of the previous owners must have swapped out the rocker panels and scoops for stock GT parts (I'm guessing to make a little extra $). It has a clean title and no accidents, strange that the two parts are wrong!

    I apologize for not noting this in the ad, I honestly had no idea! I'll add this to the original post just for full disclosure with the sale. It is mechanically in perfect condition with all general maintenance taken care of (belts and pulleys, plugs, fluids, tires, etc.).

    Please feel free to ask any other questions about the car, and I'm taking offers! Like I said before, a car is only worth what someone will pay for it so make me an offer and lets see what we can do!
  7. Well I'm moving in a few weeks and it's time to get this car sold. Dropped my asking price to $9000, and I have it posted on ebay/craigslist. Hoping the car will move quickly at this competitive price so message me before its gone if your interested!
  8. Where on the car is the tag/plate that you have pictured which states that it is a 35th anniversary?
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