FS: 2002 4.6 PI Engine

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  1. Hey everyone, just did a 4V swap in my 2002 GT so I have my stock engine up for sale. Ran great when pulled. Never abused, was completely stock. Can sell as full motor including intake or will part-out depending on what parts are needed. During the swap I did need the oil pan and some misc timing cover bolts, but everything else is there. Located in Chattanooga, TN. Send me an offer on anything you need.
  2. How many miles on it?
    How much for injector/cop's
  3. How much for the top end, looking to do a pi swap on my buddies 98gt
  4. Engine had 100k on it when pulled. $50 shipped for all injectors and COPs?
  5. So you are looking for the heads/cams, valve covers, and intake manifold? I'll accept any reasonable offers
  6. No one needs any PI swap parts? :burnout:
  7. Im willing to part out if anyone needs this stuff, or will let the whole motor go for $400
  8. thats a great deal :eek:
  9. Yeah, Ive been extremely busy over the last couple months and just went in to storage and saw I still had this motor. Its doing me no good so I'm letting it go cheap
  10. pi intake

  11. Does that include shipping the entire motor?
  12. No, that does not include shipping. I will not ship the entire motor because freight is a pain. I will ship heads etc, but if you want the whole motor it will need to be picked up.
  13. intake

    how much 4 pi intake
  14. pi heads and cams

    will you take 150 shipped for heads and cams only
  15. Is this still avilable? I'm in need of a good set of heads for a car I just bought.
  16. Intake is spoken for already. Shortblock is gone. Still have heads and cams.
  17. Shipped pricing will depend on location shipped to. These things are heavy.
  18. Heads and cams are still available if you are interested.
  19. I'm just outside Champaing,IL 61873 zip. How much for the heads shiped? How many miles are on them and how do you want to be paid? You can give me a call at 217 493-9836
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.