SOLD Fs: 2004 Azure Blue Mach 1

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  1. Hello all, this may be my first post here but I'm a very frequent member of SVTPerformance, where this ad is posted as well.

    Two weeks ago a lady in a minivan pulled out in front of me and totalled out my pristine-condition Mach 1. Luckily, I was not at fault and was not cited anything - even more importantly everybody was a-okay.

    Throughout it's whole entire life this car was treated like royalty. It was one of the cleanest Mach 1's I had ever seen. Here's some photos I took of it after I did a full paint correction detail:





    After the wreck, it looked like this:







    I will be buying it back from insurance and am looking for somebody to give the car a good home. This car would be perfect for your swap. If you've got an early-model mustang (classic, fox, sn95, etc) and are looking for a donor car to do a full swap - this is it!

    Things to know about the car:
    - 107,xxx miles on the chassis
    - The motor went at I want to say (a copy of the receipt that states the actual miles is being sent to me ASAP) about 85,000 miles due to a broken timing chain. A brand new stock motor was installed at this mileage. The new motor that's in the car has considerably low mileage and runs very strong. The oil was changed every 3,000 miles with Motorcraft 5w-20 oil and a Motorcraft filter. I've never had any issues with it whatsoever. It was only tracked once where it made a total of 4 passes down the 1/4 mile - the best being 13.6 @ 106 mph.
    - When the new motor was being installed I replaced the flywheel, put in a new RAM HDX clutch along with a Ford Racing TOB and pilot bearing, and a new clutch fork. Along with this I replaced the quadrant and firewall adjuster and installed a new Motorcraft clutch cable as well.
    - Right at 95,000 miles I did some minor brake work. I replaced the rotors with RotorPros dimpled and slotted rotors all the way around. New brake pads were installed as well.
    - The Previous owner installed many brushless aluminum interior pieces that look great.
    - I installed a new Alpine 50w x 4 head unit and new Infinity speakers in the door panels and behind the back seat.
    - The car had very few go-fast mods - MGW short throw shifter, K&N drop-in air filter, and an SCT tuner. That's it!

    What I'm searching for is somebody that wants to buy the car outright. And I'm looking for around $6,000 for the whole thing. If that doesn't work out, I'll begin parting it out according what what people want. Parts will be sold first come, first serve.

    Always feel free to PM me offers - whether it be on the entire car or a certain piece. I'm keeping a list of the parts people are wanting incase I don't find anybody to buy the whole car. Keep in mind, though, that I am currently in the Marine Corps DEP program and am currently scheduled to ship for recruit training June 24th, so if I don't find anybody to buy the whole car, everything has to be gone by that time!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.