FS 3v stage III heads, stage II billet turbo cams

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by doc stang, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. for possible sell is a set of 3v mustang gt heads. they were on my stroked 4.6L (298cc total), which made a naturally aspirated 369 rwhp / 365 rwtq, DESPITE having had the compression ration DROPPED to 8.2:1 (in anticipation of forced induction).

    heads have :

    stage III p/p job from MMR

    3-angle valve-job from MMR

    manley behive springs

    1mm over-sized valves, throughout.

    they have a mere 1200 miles on them, which was the time between dyno tuning, and an unfortunate snow, ~1/17/08, in greenville S.C.

    engine was NOT damaged at all, and started right up after the wreck, but the car was declared a total.

    from their website:

    MMR Stage 3 Ported 3V RACING Cylinder heads (2005-2010)

    MMR Stage 3 ported and polished cylinder heads feature 306/222 CFM Ports, gain 45-50 More HP on stock applications and up to 80 more HP on Forced induction applications. These heads utilize fully ported and polished intake and exhaust ports, with Manley Nextec Polished Racing Valve springs. Heads include Racing Stainless Steel Valves 35mm intake & 38.5mm exhaust, multi axis competition valve job, fully assembled (no cams) No core required! NO CORE CHARGE! MMR guarantees more power than the competition or your money back!

    these heads, new, sell for $3,699.99 part 900982

    i am looking for $1,500 ish. complete w/o cams

    also up for grabs is a pair of MMR's BILLET stage II custom turbo cams

    from their website:

    MMR Custom 3V TURBO CAMS (2005-2010)

    No other Company has the History of Turbo Charging Modular Engines than MMR, MMR has 3 stages of Custom Turbo Grinds to fit every application, each cam has been track and dyno tested to perfection to bring you the most powerful cam you can put in your Turbocharged 3V.

    Stage 1 Single or Twin Turbos up to 18 psi w/mild bolt ons such as Throttle Body, plenum, Tubular headers etc.

    Stage 2 Single or Twin Turbos up to 18 psi w/ ported Heads, Intake manifolds, Stroker engines, oversize valves etc.

    Stage 3 Single or Twin Turbos up to 30 psi w/ heavily Ported Heads, Sheetmetal or heavily ported Intake manifolds.

    these heads, new, sell for $899.99 part 900991

    i am looking for $500 ish.
    package pricing available if you want both!!

    thanks for looking,

    btw . . .
    why am i selling??

    my addiction has long since turned to open tracking and road course racing.

    i am DEEP into a track-only build up on a 98 cobra, and am now decided on keeping my 08 bullitt daily driver in stock trim, and will NOT be putting the above mentioned engine into it.

    also available is the stroker crank from kellogg, and the teksid block which is disassembled, cleaned, magnafluxed, line bored, and deck honed, and ready to build on, NOW!!..

  2. :bump: for a good price on these...wish I had the money :D
  3. Are these still for sale?
  4. Sold
    thanks for looking
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