For Sale [FS] 65/66 NOS Fenders, Front Apron. Also Knock-off Caps, Headlight Extensions, etc [New Orleans, LA]

Sep 12, 2018
New Orleans, LA
Ive decided to get rid of some things in the garage to clear up some space...

Link to photos: View:

So I am currently selling:

1. NOS Front fender (65/66) Ford made/black primer - LH - $750

2. NOS Front Fender (65/66) Ford made/black primer - RH - $750

These are never used New Old Stock fenders that have been on the shelf for the last 30+ years. Taking up a bit too much space in my garage and I don't have a project to use them on, so hopefully somebody needs some good fenders for their project that will bolt right up.

Buyer is responsible for pickup/shipping, but I will however build a shipping crate for them. (located in New Orleans, LA)

3. NOS Front apron (65/66) original Ford tooling in red oxide primer. - $450 shipped

4. Motorcraft TKF-2 tune up kit for 6cyl mustang. original container dated 1966 (never used) - $55 shipped

5. 65-66 Headlight/fender extension trim. 3 available (pass side x2, drivers side x1) - $40/ea shipped

6. 65 Replica knock off caps. 5 included, comes with template to add to 65 hubcaps. New/plastic construction. $100 - shipped

7. FoMoCo 4 blade fans. good condition, fomoco stamped - $45 ea/ shipped

Link to Photos: View:

Open to offers, may include discount if purchasing multiple items.
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