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  1. I've owned this car since purchasing it brand new from a Florida dealer in Aug 1988. It needs a hood, header panel, headlight kit, fender and paint. I'm at the point where I don't want to fix it so I am looking for a new home for it. Don't waste my time or yours with ridiculous offers. I won't respond to those. The car runs great, fires right up, sounds good and is ready to fix!

    1988 Mustang 5.0 LX HB
    Corbeau Seats
    New carpet (uninstalled)
    5.0 engine professionally rebuilt and assembled
    T-5 rebuilt by Astro Performance with B&M Pro Ripper shifter
    8.8 rear end rebuilt by Running Great Auto, 3.73:1 ring gear and SVO axle girdle
    FMS King Cobra Clutch & new flywheel
    Steeda Adjustable Quadrant
    KYB Struts and Shocks
    FMS B springs
    Maximum Motorsports LCA & Cobra uppers
    BBK Ceramic shorties and X-pipe
    Dynomax Stainless Steel 2.5 mufflers and pipes
    Many other new parts installed

    All work done with 197K on motor and chassis.
    Odometer currently reads 760.9 (200,760.8)
    Needs a hood, fender, header panel and headlight kit. Low impact accident with no frame damage. Rear ended a VW Passat. Clear title. Florida car.

    Make me a cash offer and enjoy this 1 owner Mustang.

    Serious offers only, don't waste my time or yours!

    Pics: ImageShack Album - 24 images

    PM for additional information or with your offer.
  2. 108 views yet no offer?
  3. Most people don't like to play the "make me an offer" game...
  4. How about a price and a best offer gig?? Give us an idea of what you are looking 4?? Thanks!!
  5. What area in Florida are you at?
    I'm Jacksonville myself.
    And..as stated above..whats a ballpark figure you're looking for?
  6. No game playing here. Either someone has an interest or not. Its that simple for me. If so they can contact me. If not then oh well. Someone will buy it eventually. It can sit covered up until that happens.
  7. 2012 bump.

  8. Me: How much you want for the Mustang?
    You: Make me an offer........
    Me: OK $1500.00
    You: Don't waste my time with an offer like that.
    Me: Well if you told me what you want, I would not have wasted your time or my time.
    You: Well I am not going to play any games dickering back and forth over cost.
    Me: That is exactly what you are doing now..........goodbye.
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  9. Don't clutter my FS thread with nonsense. Its real simple, either you have a genuine interest in the car and you contact me. If not then go about your business and keep the asinine commentary to yourself.
  10. I'm not really into the game playing thing either. Please enter a starting price for the car that you're attempting to sell here or I'll shut down the thread.

    You know what you have into the car and you know what you expect to get for it's sale. That's a good place to start negotiating. There are a LOT of folks that really have no idea and those that do, understand that our cars are worth less as a whole than they are in parts.

    So in order to avoid the, "clutter"... get a starting point in mind and go from there.


  11. Let me know when you want to sell it & have a price instead of play games. If you want offers, put it on ebay with no reserve.
  12. Close or delete the thread. I'm not dealing with people that have no interest in buying the car any longer. Like I said I was never playing games and do not need this crap when trying to sell my car.
  13. Completely agree. We don't need it either.

    You say:

    ... but you don't even list a negotiating starting point? Who's to know but you, what a ridiculous offer is?

    Try hitting up this link before posting classifieds:

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