FS: 93' Cobra Body Damage

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  1. Hoping I am doing this the right way but if you read 5.0 talk or check it you might know my story about the insurnces after fighting it for a week the people are right about the agreed insurnce I learned something new atleast from this experince. I got offer from some rl friends about buying it from me so I can get a new car just seeing if there a chance anyone on SN is interested in buying it for whatever reason.

    Car runs and drives no leak, no check engine oil or fuild lights come on. All it is in panel and door damage along with lights and passanger side mirrior damage. Front window has minor scratches but they're very minor and the officer said it still drivable and will pass inspection. I have tittle registeration everthing. Again if I did this incorrectly I am sorry



    I'm located in Virginia.
  2. I sent an email your way about your Cobra for sale please.

    Thank You
  3. price please
  4. How much? And what sort of frame damage? Looks like it took a good shot on the frame rail.
  5. He wants $4500! At least that is what he told a friend.
  6. There is no way THAT car will pass inspection. The sub-frame is caved in on one side for god sakes!!!
  7. x2

    Another nugget from the owner"the car only needs $3500 worth of work.Once the body work is finish you have a $10,000 car".:rlaugh:

    He also mention the car has only 120++k miles
  8. 93 cobra

    what do you want for the car? i am interested. call me freddy 6629349882


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  9. He wants $4500:rlaugh:
  10. Since the OP seems to have ironed out his issues with the insurance company (as oserved in later posts) and he hasn't been back to address this one, I'm going to shut this down unless 93STVCobra asks me to do otherwise.

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