FS: 93 GT Hatch - $1500 Firm - Needs work - Arizona

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  1. I have an obvious fixer-upper that needs to go. The car runs just fine, but we don't have the time or money to do the body work on it. My fiance spun and hit a dirt berm and street sign. There is NO structural or mechanical damage, only body work and some cosmetic damage to the wheels. Sorry, I didn't bother cleaning it all up before posting. I've been commuting 25 miles each way with it, so it's mechanically sound, at least for it's age (158k miles). We've owned it for about 5 years and bought it with 95k miles or so.

    SOLD! Asking $1500 firm. Post here or send me a PM if interested. The car is located in Tucson, AZ.

    On the exterior, it needs obvious bodywork and plastic trim. Two of the wheels are great. The other two may just need to be replaced since they're scuffed. I can provide more pictures and more details if needed. The rear quarter panel needs to be welded where the skin has been torn. Both doors, the hood and hatch are perfectly straight, just in need of paint.

    The interior is pretty clean except for a few items which I never got around to replacing. It needs a new headboard, left side visor, right side door handle and new elastic in both door pockets. Otherwise there aren't any rips or nasty stains. The carpet is in fair condition.

    The engine has no mods other than a filter and aftermarket MAF sensor (which didn't do much anyway). I've kept up with the maintenance and it's due for a tune-up, some new sensors, oil change and air filter. I've been cleaning the K&N filter, but it's ready for a new one. Compression is about expected for its age, in the 110psi range give or take 5psi (warm) but no problem cylinders and no burning oil. Still has plenty of fuel pressure and hold pressure. There is a slight oil leak from the rear main, about half a quart per oil change (3-4k miles). There is a slight coolant leak at the t-stat housing. The A/C works fine, but needs a recharge.

    I will include caster/camber plates I never installed. It does need them and a good front alignment. It's definitely due for due shocks and bushings all around. The rear end kicks a bit under throttle due to old bushings in the linkage.

    Tires Needs new tires. The current tires were just meant to be temporary.

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  2. good luck man, should have no problem selling it for that much, all it really needs is a fender.
  3. I think it's a fair price for someone willing to do the work or even using it for a project donor. I think it's a little too good to be a donor, but still.
  4. Hello.
    Is that a clean title on the car? Does the A/C work?
    How is the Clutch and Transmission?
  5. 93 For sale

    Do you have a # to be reached on?
  6. Yes the A/C works, but needs to be re-charged every two years or so. Right now it needs a charge. The transmission is fine and the clutch works fine for now. The clutch is getting close to needing to be replaced though. I believe it has about 50k miles on it. It engages well, but it's fairly heavy on the foot if you're not use to it. The throwout bearing has had a slight chirp ever since we bought the car. I will Pm you with my cell.
  7. if it were a notcher i would have been on a plane already... i'm still tempted... think it will survive a drive to Washington DC? :flag:
  8. If he were in Raleigh, NC it would have been in my driveway 2 days ago! lol Sounds like a nice car for sure. I asked him the same question about a drive to Raleigh and he said mechanically yes it will make it, but he wouldn't do it with the tires that are currently on it. Other than that....he said she's good to go.

    Great buy if you can get it home....Hell I'm still semi-thinking about it :Track:
  9. SOLD. Thanks for the comments and interest guys!
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