FS: '94-'95 Saleen Taillight Bezels

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  1. I bought these a couple of weeks ago and decided that I didn't like them on my GT as much as I thought I would. It's funny because I've been looking for a set of these for years, I finally get them, temporarily mount them with a couple of pieces of the 3M tape on my tailights and, wouldn't you know it? I didn't care for the look. Go figure...

    Anyway, they are in great shape except for the passenger side bezel. It has a small crack at the top (see pics) and I thiink the PO put a slight bend in the bezel when he removed it. I think that it will straighten out with good 3M tape coverage and a warm day.

    They came with a glossy finish (I thought they were originally satin or flat black). I just put 3 coats of Satin Black Kryon Fusion on them a couple of days ago. I like the look better.

    I'm looking to get what I bought them for 2 weeks ago, $60/shipped, but willing to consider offers.


    Driver's Side:
    View attachment 205710

    Passenger's Side:
    View attachment 205711

    Passenger's Side Crack:

    Passenger's Side Bend (looks worse in pic, but wanted to be honest with you):


    What they looked like on my car:


  2. SOLD :nice:
    They're on their way to Canada!
Thread Status:
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