FS: 95 V6 75,000 miles

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  1. Hey guyz, I'm sure this will get locked, or deleted, but I figure it's worth a try seeing as how for some reason, I cannot post on the classifieds every time I tried to sign up, I never received my verification number (for all those who know what I am talking about)...anyways...here goes

    I live on Long Island, and I currently own a 1995 V6, Black 5spd Mustang w/ approx. 76,xxx miles on it. The car is in great shape. The engine runs extremely strong, and the interior is immaculate. No stains, rips, tears...nothing. The paint is still shiny. The are some "crows feet" forming on the hood, and roof. There is also a surface rust spot about the size of a quarter on the roof. I am attributing all of this to harsh winter conditions and salt. However, I bought the car w/ those there. Overall, the car is in great shape, and I hate to see it go. I am asking $6,000. BUT NO REASONABLE OFFER W/ BE REFUSED. [email protected] is my email, and (516) 956-9797 is my cell. My name is Andrew. Thanx guyz