FS: '97 SVT Mustang Cobra Convertible #781

Discussion in 'SN95 Mustangs For Sale (1994-04)' started by Loco5.0, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Also have a set of BBK LT headers & x-pipe (Never on this car) that I could include for $375 more.[/b][/color]
  3. MAn i wish i could buy this car, i actually might be interested in it
  4. What is your asking price on the car?
  5. ;);););)
  6. Okay very nice, i might be interested in coming to look at the car but I am not sure yet. Is there car dent free and does it have a lot of scratches? Also how is the interior of the car?
  7. I am also in PA so it would be really easy for me to come to a look at the car if your not far away
  8. I'm near KOP.

    No dents. Interior is very clean. Typical Mustang leather wear on driver seat. No rips.

    Has a couple small scratches. Nothing that you shouldn't be able to buff out.

    No test drives w/o cash in hand.
  9. Okay sounds good! I am in southampton so its not to far. I will let you know around Monday if I come take a look at it. This is a beautiul car!
  10. Do you happen to have the original headlight knobs and door lock pins? Also has the car been through any re-paints or any accidents?
  11. Don't have the original light knob or lock pins. None that I know of. Clean Carfax.
  12. Okay thats fine, and okay very nice! How many owners of the car are there? Was it ever smoked in?
  13. Never smoked in. I believe I am the 3rd owner.
  14. Okay thank you! I am very interested in the car. I will let you know sometime on Monday or something like that if I am going to go through with coming to take a look at the car:)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.