FS: AFM PMS sIV 99-04

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  1. Like the title says, it's an Anderson PMS series IV. Have everything for it, it's in very good condition, has extra long cable so you can be under the hood and have the handheld with you. Asking $500 OBO. I don't get on here very often so if you're interested, shoot me an email @ [email protected] or give me a call or text at 316-641-6949. I'm located in Wichita, Kansas. Here is a picture to show what it looks like, this is not mine. Mine has a label on the right side buttons to help navigate as well. Also, it has the accessory ports wired to control nitrous as well, I can include this for free if the buyer wants it as well.


    Went out and took some pictures of it in my car.

  2. Is this thing compatible with 98 mustang gt, why cant I find any new ones on Anderson's website?
  3. The manual says 96 and newer, so yes, I assume it is. Apparently Anderson doesn't sell them for the newer cars anymore.
  4. Bump. This thing was $1200 new!
  5. Why selling so cheap? How old is this unit?
  6. I'm selling it cheap because I need the money. If you want to pay more for it, feel free. I don't know how old it is, it was on the car when I bought it. It is the latest unit that AFM came out with for these years.
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