*FS* Avenger Aluminum Heads

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  1. Fresh out of the machine shop and bolted to my 302. Found out they are WAY to big for my application. Have roughly 200 miles on them. Here are the specs of the heads. Asking $1200 FREE shipping!

    Avenger Cylinder Heads/Ford Performance Solutions.
    215cc intake runners.
    Have 2.08/1.60 Manley Stainless Steel.
    64cc chambers.
    Springs are set up for .700 lift.
    with 7/16th guide plates , screw in studs.
    They flow [email protected] and 238 on exhaust.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with these heads, there in GREAT shape. I'm putting back on my GT40 heads. Here is a pic of the heads on the engine.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.