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  1. I'm selling my Eagle forged "H" beam 5.85" stroker connecting rods. PRICE DROP!

    2.000" Small Chevrolet Journals
    .927" Wrist Pin Diameter

    CP Pistons 3.572" (.020" Over Bore) -9cc Dish
    .927" Wrist Pins
    1.200" Compression Height for 5.850" Stroker Crankshaft

    Excellent condition... Selling because I went Big Bore and Oliver billet rods. These were used in my 700+ rwhp Mach 1. They have barely ANY miles on them.. I never beat my mach 1 and if they have 2,000 miles on them its be saying a lot.

    They have not been cleaned up, or touched.. these are straight out of my engine..

    $700.00 obo + shipping

    View attachment 193783

    View attachment 193784

    View attachment 193785

    Feel free to ask any questions.

    [email protected] or text 860-777-8978 jon
  2. TTT Make me an offer
  3. Do you still have this set up

    What compression were you making on your 4v with these and how much boost were you running.very interested, Thanks.
  4. 9.2:1 21lbs boost PM'd and emailed call or text me (jon) 860-777-8978
  5. Replied still for sale
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