Expired FS/FT 408w Cobra 831whp

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  1. This is really a feeler, i have focused my attention to my business and the car has been on the back burner to for long. The car is amazing and i will hate to see her go but i would rather invest the money at this time. I will be giving a brief overview of the car, there is far to much to list so if you have any questions feel free to ask. No expense has been spared and i have every single receipt totaling over $70,000, i built her to be 1000whp daily and the parts used reflects that. Jeff W. at Precison built and tuned the car to 831rwhp and knows more about it than anyone. im doing this all from memory at the moment so forgive any errors.

    71' 351 fully studded block
    eagle forged 408
    dart pro cnc high port heads
    trickflow intake manifold
    mcloudb bellhousing & single disk (1000hp rated)
    built tremec tko 600 (800tq rated)
    tko drive shaft
    Fully built rear end (cannot remember the diffused, 31 spline moser)
    Tubular k member, a arms and front coilovers
    areomotive a1000 kit (includes new sumped tank, a1000, rails, lines, etc)
    new carpet and mmr rear seat delete
    jay wolf 6 point cage
    corbeau racing seats with simpson harness
    OEM 03 cobra wheels with up front, knock off 315 03 cobra wheels out back.
    new goodyear f1's on all 4's

    Cobra was a blower car but i was in the processes of going twins. as the car sits there is no blower or headers. car was tuned n/a so it could be moved but as of now with no exhaust i havent done much. i have sniper & SCT programs, you can have both and tune whatever you like.

    Price is 13kobo feel free to pm me or call with any questions 417-773-0071

    photo with the old transmission

    videos with the blower set up:


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  2. nice build GLWS
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