FS: Gt40 tubular / holley systemax / bbk tb's / ect

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  1. ford 24 lb/hrs and 75mm granatelli mass air $125

    gt40 tubular upper and lower w/ bolts, spacer and new gaskets SOLD

    gt40 351W lower intake $350

    bbk 65mm tb and 70mm egr spacer SOLD

    bbk 75mm tb can mount alone sold

    holley systemax intake SOLD

    gt40 intake plaque $150

    cobra intake upper and lower $225

    bbk 70mm tb $50

    ONE SET LEFT of 24 lb/hr injectors $50 SHIPPED GREAT DEAL!!!!

    thats about all for now, will have more soon!!!!

    some stuff is on ebay:

    a9p $100

    mass air wiring $100

    moroso cold air $40


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    636-288-7503 Joe
  2. Is the cobra intake original or is it the ford racing reproduction?
  3. mass air

    how many miles on injectors and mass air,are they good working order,are u sellin them as i unit or could u separate, if so how much for air meter!! thanks steve:flag:
  4. they have about 6k miles. I want $75 if I break up the set for the mass air.
  5. Its an original ford oem cobra intake, just needs a plaque.
  7. ttt new stuff on ebay...
  8. still have the 70mm bbk tb? any sticking problems with it or any problems at all? If not, how much shipped to 27858?
  9. do you have pics of the cobra intake? Are there any marks on it?
  10. gt40 351w intake

    Is your lower intake still for sale for the 351w. If it is what model did it come from? thanks for your time. if its still available can you email me at [email protected]
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