FS. Hogan Sheet Metal Intake w/GT-40 lower Mustang 347 (Pics)

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by blown349, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Up for sale is my upper and lower intakes for sale off of my 347. The upper is a mirror-finished Hogan Racing Manifold sheet metal intake coupled with a real GT-40 lower intake that is unmilled, unported. It comes with the ½” phenolic spacer. Does not come with the injectors, fuel rails, throttle body, thermostat housing or EGR spacer. The Hogan upper intake costs $950 plus the wait from their website and the lower GT-40 intake is not produced anymore, and it’s hard to get a non-chineese one. There is another Hogan upper (no lower) on ebay for $800 alone.
    As you can see in the pictures both the upper and lower intakes are in excellent condition, with no stripped threads, no breaks in any of the welds, no cracks etc etc. I had it on my car for 2 years, but well under 600 miles. This combo made 550 rwhp with just 14 psi of boost. The last two pictures of it in my car is just to show the overall look, car and engine not included!

    Asking $850 plus the ride and the 3% paypal fees.

    I have it on ebay for more. PM IS KEY!!!

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  2. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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