Expired Fs - Kenne Bell Supercharged 95 Gt

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  1. Thinking of selling my 95 to use the money toward getting a new Mustang. Here's the details.
    Car is located in Spencer, MA.
    95 Mustang GT
    Originally an automatic, T5 swap performed two years ago.
    T5 was rebuilt with Astro Performance internals
    Stock block machined by Pauls Machine. 306 CI
    Forged Probe pistons
    Clevite bearings
    New Ford Racing water pump
    New Ford Racing lifters
    New Ford Racing push rods
    O-ringed GT40 heads (not P heads)
    Fel Pro O ring gaskets
    SGI Forged H beam rods
    Stock crank was checked and reused
    Stock cam was reused for driveability
    New Felpro oil pan, timing cover, intake, valve cover gaskets and rear main seal
    Dorman Street Series harmonic balancer
    All new front accessories (water pump, idler, tensioner, PS, alternator and smog pump. AC reused)
    GT40 lower intake w/relocated ACT sensor after the blower in number 5 runner
    Ford Racing 42# green top injectors
    Stock replacement fuel regulator boost referenced to KB
    Kenne Bell 1.5 w/ pulleys from 8 psi to 14 psi. Currently has 12 psi
    KB Flowzilla inlet manifold
    KB pulley removal tool
    Trick flow intake adapter elbow
    SR Performance 75mm polished throttle body
    3.5 inch aluminum inlet pipe into fenderwell
    Lightning 90mm MAF, w 4 to 6 pin adapter
    Spectre reusable air filter
    EGR system completely new (tube, valve and sensor)
    BBK chrome headers
    BBK o/r H pipe
    Also have catted modular x pipe for emissions testing
    MAC exhaust with rolled polished tips
    Bosch wideband for interior gauge
    Zeitronix lab grade wideband w/ datalogging (opposite bank from Bosch sensor)
    Autometer Cobalt series gauges (water temp, wideband, voltmeter, boost and analog clock to fill gauge pod)
    New reman steering rack (think it sprung a leak so I may replace it under warranty or I might just get the replacement and let new owner deal with it.)
    New inner and outer tie rods, Moog
    New Moog heavy duty front wheel bearings, both sides
    Rust encapsulated most of the undercarriage
    Interior lighting changed to match the blue LEDs from Cobalt gauges
    18" Saleen wheels
    03 Cobra front brakes and stock Cobra replacement rotors, calipers front and rear painted red
    3.73 FRPP gears
    Aluminum rear end girdle (no name brand)
    96 style tail lens
    Kaenen Performance S281 rear wing
    Ford logo removed from trunk lid, filled and primed (trunk and spoiler have not been painted yet, both are flat black primed)
    Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
    New tank seal
    Optima red top
    Black interior swap
    Mr Gasket balanced 180 degree thermostat
    I have UPR chrome moly upper rear control arms I never installed
    Diamond clear headlight and corner lens'
    Amplified aftermarket stereo system, no subs just really loud music
    Have another brand new in box Ford Racing GT40 lower intake
    Also have the factory heads, intakes and air inlet
    265 35 18 tires all the way around (needs new front tires, theyre bald, make the car tramline now)
    New IAC and TPS sensors
    Moates Quarterhorse tuning chip
    Binary editor tuning software (may or may not be included with sale depending on price, registered to my old laptop and will only work on it)
    Lasota Racings guide to tuning with the quarter horse and Binary editor ( I got the very first copy from Don Lasota before they were even available publicly)
    Im sure theres more that Im forgetting. I have literally hundreds of pictures of the build up that are available Im just at work right now. Car is currently base tuned, idles good enough to drive around and the MAF curve is prety much spot on (runs at Lambda when it should be and a little on the fat side when getting on it. Would definitely need some more time datalogging and tuning to get it perfect but you can start it and drive it anywhere. Base tune was from Don at Lasota, who previously had the fastest KB Sn95 in the country. Im sure Im missing more but I gotta get back to work. Any questions, post or PM me. Looking for offers, no lowballs. Dont insult the both of us. Not open to trades. Will have links to pics later in the day.
  2. Do you have hp/tq figures or 1/4 mile times? Any pics you can post (or email [email protected])
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