FS - Kooks 2" LT headers 302 motor & 3.5" X pipe - pics

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  1. Please read entire description, as most questions could possibly be answered here.

    Up for grabs are my Kooks LT headers for a fox mustang 302 based motor.
    They are the angle pattern like TFS-R heads, but I am including the adapter plates and all necessary hardware for bolting them to common heads that you may have. (Don’t have pics yet of the adapter plates yet. I will in a day or so).
    I don’t have the part number, so don’t ask.
    They are 2” primary with 3.5” collectors with EGT bungs in each primary.
    These have a factory coating from Kooks that is not flaking/wearing/peeling at all. No dents on the bottoms from wheelies either.
    I had these on my 347 R block with Vic Jr heads.
    They also have the 02 bungs and an extra bung on the passenger side for a wideband.
    As you know, each tube is removable for easy installation. I have had almost every kind of long tube header possible for a fox and these have been the easiest to install.
    I have messaged a couple of tubes around the starter, but you cannot see this when installed. I can provide pics of this area if needed.

    Price: Kooks headers - I am asking 600 plus the ride and paypal fees.

    The pictures in the engine bay are what they look like when installed. Nothing else is included in sale.

    Header Pictures:

    View attachment 234076

    View attachment 234077

    View attachment 234078

    View attachment 234079

    I also have a 3.5” diameter X pipe for sale that was matted to these headers. They have hollowed out Dynomax catalytic converters welded in each side. It is law to have cats where I live, this is the reason for this. No dents/scrapes/rust on the X pipe. It was used for 500 miles. Someone could easily remove the cats and weld in a piece of pipe eliminating the cats if need be. SPINTECH MUFFLERS NOT INCLUDED!

    Price: X pipe – I am asking 175 plus the ride and paypal fees.

    X pipe Pictures: (mufflers not included)

    View attachment 234080

    X pipe installed

    View attachment 234081

    They are currently on the car and don’t want to pull them off until sold.
    All lowball offers will be ignored.

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Not open for further replies.