[FS] Lots of 01 Cobra & 03/04 Terminator Parts

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  1. UPDATED 01.13.2012 -EVERYTHING DISCOUNTED FOR QUICK SALE! Left over parts from my eaton swap. All parts are INCLUDING shipping to the lower 48 states & paypal fees are also INCLUDED unless otherwise noted.
    99/04 Cobra rear calipers red 2003 anniversary: $199 Shipped & Paypaled Total
    03/04 Stock T-56 Shifter: $25 Shipped & Paypaled
    03/04 Stock idler pulleys: $25 for all 3 or $8 ea + Shipping & Paypal
    2001 Intake tube (goes between the TB and the MAF): $
    2001 IAC Valve w/gasket & bolts (same as 99-04 except 03/04 cobra): $22 Shipped & Paypaled
    2001 Oil Cooler: $22 Shipped & Paypaled
    2001 Oil Adapter: $22 Shipped & Paypaled
    2001 Stock MAF unit (sensor included): $22 Shipped & Paypaled

    Sure I have more that Im forgetting.
    2003 Cobra Rear Calipers:
    03/04 Stock Idler Pulleys:
    IAC Valve:
    Oil Adapter:
    Oil Cooler:
    T-56 Shifter:

    2001 Cobra IRS Half Shafts (complete axles from inner cv joints to outter cv joints): SOLD!
    2001 Cobra Pistons and Rods (8): SOLD!
    2001 Alternator w/bracket SOLD!
    2001 Coolant crossover tube SOLD!
    2001 Cobra Amber tail lights (one broken mount bolt/stud (repairable): SOLD!
    2001 Stock pulleys: SOLD!
    2001 Accufab polished twin 60mm TB: SOLD!
    2001 Exhaust manifolds (stock): SOLD!
    2001 JLT RAI black: SOLD
    2001 March UDPs (Alt, water pump, crank) Part #: 2270. SOLD!
    2001 MGW Orange handle short shifter: SOLD!
    2001 Stock Fuel Injectors 24lb (8): SOLD!
    2001 T-3650 stock shifter: SOLD!
    2001 Cruise Control Cable: SOLD!
    2001 Throttle Cable: SOLD!
    2001 Throttle Cable Bracket w/bolts: SOLD!
    2001 Stock airbox/filter: SOLD!
    2001 Lower and Upper intake/Lid: SOLD!
    2001 EGR Valve & bolts: SOLD!
    2001 Vaccuume Lines & sensors: SOLD!
    2001 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor: SOLD!
    2001 Cobra hood great condition with hood blanket: SOLD!
    2001 Compact spare tire/wheel w/jack, tire iron & hold down (Never used): TRADED!
    2001 Timing cover w/ tensioner and pulleys (no sensors included): SOLD!
    2001 Stock 11" clutch: Lost, cant find.
    2001 Stock Flywheel 69K original miles, 75% freeway miles. Fits 96-04 but 8 bolt pattern cranks only: Lost, cant find
    2001 Stock Fuel Injector Retainer Clips (8): SOLD!
    2001 Stock Fuel Rails (same as 2003/2004, FRPS not included) w/bolts: SOLD!
    2001 T-3650 transmission (69K original miles): SOLD!
    2001 Power Steering Resivour Bracket: SOLD!
    99/04 COP Covers (media blasted ready for powdercoating, polishing or ???): SOLD!
    99/04 Coupe Triple Pillar Gauge Pod: SOLD!
    99/04 "C" head valve covers: SOLD!
    99/04 "C" head cop covers: SOLD!
    99/04 JLT Heat Sheild NEW for RAI: SOLD!
    03/04 DSS Level 5 IRS Half Shafts w/hubs: SOLD!
    03/04 3rd Brakelight (not cracked): SOLD!
    03/04 Fore Billit Fuel Hat for 3 Ford GT Supercar pumps (separate Y block not for sale) w/ E85 protective coating: SOLD!
    03/04 Zone 5 fuel driver module which manages multiple fuel pumps. SOLD!
    03/04 Terminator trunk with harness and wing: (Trunklid SOLD!, Wing SOLD!)
    03/04 Ford Supercar GT fuel pumps: (3) pumps SOLD
    03/04 Lower crank pulley with cage: SOLD!
    03/04 EGR valve SOLD
    03/04 ERG tube (exhaust manifold metal pipe) SOLD
    03/04 Vaccuum tubing harness SOLD
    03/04 ERG sensor bracket (mounts on side of sc) SOLD
    03/04 EGR sensors on bracket SOLD
  2. 2001 Cobra Pistons and Rods (8): SOLD!
  3. 03/04 DSS Level 5 IRS Half Shafts w/hubs: SOLD!
  4. Prices lowered - Its a Black Friday/Cyber Monday early sale!!! :D
  5. do u still have the 1/2 shafts f/s 01's
  6. 99/04 COP Covers (media blasted ready for powdercoating, polishing or ???): SOLD!
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