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Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by Pur Pony, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Looking to sell my Mcleod Street Twin Clutch. It comes with matching billet steel flywheel. Flywheel is balanced for 50oz but weight is removable and can easily be switched to 28oz or 0oz. Clutch was just send back to Mcleod for a complete inspection and rebuild. Flywheel is resurfaced. Clutch and flywheel are like brand new! Came out of my car with low miles and never been down the track. 26 spline input. Clutch is rated at 1000hp and is EXTREMELY street friendly. Its the ultimate clutch. Selling less then half price.... $550 shipped to the lower 48

  2. do you have the clutch back yet. Any pics? What do they do on a rebuild?
  3. Here are some pictures. I sent the clutch back to Mcleod for the rebuild over the summer so I have it back at this time. I have just decided to go a different route.

    The rebuild consists of Mcleod checking everything out, resurfaced the disks, ground the flywheel and plate between disks, reshimmed, and Painted the pressure plate. Like i stated, the clutch is like brand new and far below the price of a new one.






  4. sent you a pm
  5. did you have any issues with the clutch cable or throw out? I have read where some times they require a special quad and throwout? I have a Maximum Motorsports quad kit on mine.
  6. I was using a steeda quad with steeda fire wall adjuster (both for sale also) and a stock clutch cable. worked great for me.
  7. maf and injectors are sold.
  8. how much for the clutch if i pick it up? where in CT are you?
  9. Still for sale, great clutch, great price- email me if interested.
  10. price reduced
  11. clutch

    i ust bought a clutch like the one you sold iwanted to know how much was the rebuild and how llong did it take for it to be done?
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