Expired FS NIB Comp Cams SPR STAGE 3 with phaser limiters

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by blackandblown, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. I am selling my brand new Comp cams stage 3 SPR cams with Phaser limiters (the limiters are used) for 600.00 obo. I have listed them on ebay so if your interested make an offer. The reason I am letting them go is I changed my mind with the new engine I am putting in the car and going to put it back to stock for a few years. selling the cams will help me buy some missing parts I need that got destroyed in the engine failure I had. below is the link thanks guys
  2. oh and I have a set of livernois heads with the springs you will need for these cams that I am parting out too.
  3. Did you use these with a supercharger or a naturally aspirated setup? What's your bottom line for the heads and cams together?


  4. Let me know what you want for the cams springs and heads.
  5. how much for your Phaser limiters ?
  6. reason I am selling now is I traded the 06 in on a 2012 Boss 302
  7. any one interested?
  8. cams and phasers sold. heads still up for grabs
  9. do you still have the heads??? or pics?
  10. Yes I still have the heads. I will post up some pictures when I get home tonight.
  11. any luck on getting pics?
  12. pics of the heads?
  13. sorry guys just now getting to taking the pictures. Been busy driving my new car lol

  14. still for sale? i would love to buy but dont know much about cam journal damage or how to go about fixing it.
  15. they are still for sale. I dont know much about fixing heads either. some head shops told me it could be fixed anywhere from 300-450 plus shipping back and forth.

    I will add that there is no way I can guarantee the heads. One buyer wanted this and I am no expert with heads. From looking at it everything should be fine except those cam journals. the price of the valve springs and retainers are what I am asking for the heads. if the drivers side head cannot be repaired a replacement from livernois is 1100 bucks which will still have you under what a new set would cost by far.
  16. how did they preform before the failure. power wise.
  17. I had issues with Variable cam timing not working right and power was way down. Its what caused the failure in the end I do believe. The crank sensor trigger was all chewed up when I tore the motor down so its timing was way off. I was running the stage 3 spr cams and the limiters I would recommend running lock outs with those.
Thread Status:
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