FS or trade. 95 Mustang w LS1 swap.

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  1. Located in Williston, ND. Email: [email protected]
    I am abandoning this project, easy finish for someone.
    It needs to be measures for a driveshaft and then order. An aluminum one is about $500 max.
    The ECU and wiring harness need to be put in, simple plug and play with the power wires etc all labeled. I sent off the wiring harness to be modified for this application to the tune of $800.
    Then the power wires for all the guages are all setup, all you will have to hook up is the wires that go to the sensors.
    The rear pipe of the driver side header needs to be modified to clear the steering shaft, then obviously install the steering shaft.

    I think that is really about it other than small odds and ends like radiator plumbing and a tranny cooler. Exhaust also needs to be put on, have headers, mufflers and xpipe.

    Here are the mods.

    AJE Tubular cross member, motor mounts, tubular a-arms, coilover setup, upper camber plates. $1300

    LS1 and a 4l60e auto trans $4000

    LS6 Intake/Cam $500

    Autometer guages $900

    Kooks Headers $750

    Walbro 255 intank $110

    2 Flowmaster 40 series mufflers and an xpipe $350

    Steering rack offset bushings $50

    Flaming river manual steering rack $310

    Flaming River slim steering shaft (to clear headers) $420

    Aftermarket throttle body (cant remember brand) $300

    Probably forgetting alot of things

    Anyway with the purchase of the car I have almost $11k into it as it sits.

    Ill take $7200, cars with this setup are known to break 11's rock stock motor.

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    This was before the Flaming river rack was installed.

    View attachment 243203

    View attachment 243204

    View attachment 243205
  2. not interested maybe if it had a ford motor try a chevy related forum
  3. Please respond with offers or trades; nonsense need not be included. Thank you.
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