FS parts from 98 cobra project

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  1. I have 2 sets of oe marker/turn signal lights in excellent condition,no fogging or cracks $20 a set,I have a cervini's mach 1 hood $250 sells new for $495,I have a driver side door with small dent in it will take $60 for it,Have a drivers side power mirror $30,Have the power window switches for drivers side door $20 and left interior door panel in black and camel colored in excellent condition $20,have a passenger side fender in good condition,no dents,dings or rust asking $65obo and have the factory intake and air filter housing from my 98 cobra for sale asking $35 obo plus shipping,also have a set of factory silver 5spoke cobra rims with tires for sale or trade for a set of chrome or aluminum cobra rims or other chrome/aluminum rims for car asking $450,Have a cervini's stalker rear bumper off of my cobra complete with box tips coming thru bumper asking $140 obo none of the above prices include shipping .Shipping is extra and would prefer larger items ie ,hood,door,fender and etc picked up,for more info email me at [email protected] or call me at 304-647-8027
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  2. where are you > interested in the hood.
  3. hood

    I am in Lewisburg WV.I will take $275 for the hood.plus shipping unless you want to come pick it up.Email me back at [email protected]
  4. I'll take the passengers side fender if still available. The snow and Ice took mine this evening. Let me know if you still have it.


    Jeff Morgan
  5. where do u live and were they spacers that i saw???
  6. spacers

    I live in Lewisburg WV,and yes those are wheel spacers but they are already sold.
  7. Are the turn signal lights clear? If so I'll take a set. Thanks.
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