FS: ported heads/ stock heads/covers/mach 1 intake/98 cobra intake ++++

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  1. I am starting to be overloaded with cyl heads! I have 4 complete sets of B heads, one set of 03 mach 1 heads I could get rid of.

    I have a set of complete ported B heads. SOLD!!!
    I have 3 sets of stock B heads. these heads are all complete with cams, valves, springs ect. mileage on B heads is anywhere from 42-66K miles. all in good shape. I also have about 6 sets of timing chains/gears, sprockets, ect.

    Set #1 42K miles. pulled from a running engine. it was in a accident. PS bracket broke the drivers valve cover and timing cover
    View attachment 207676
    View attachment 207677
    View attachment 207678

    Set #2 pulled from 97 cobra 50K with a rod knock


    set #3 from 96 cobra 66K miles with rod knock
    View attachment 207679
    View attachment 207680

    Here are all 4 sets so everyone knows that they are 4 true different sets
    View attachment 207681
    View attachment 207682
    View attachment 207683

    also I have a complete uppler/lower mach 1 intake manifold. one ear is broken off. It is just a one bolt. It it ontop of the intake manifold. not anywhere near the gaskets. I believe it is a bolt that bolts onto the ram air adapter. does not affect the performance of the intake by any means. I will get some pics of it.

    Mach 1 upper/lower $250
    View attachment 207684
    View attachment 207685

    98 Upper/lower SOLD

    I also have 3 sets of 96-98 valve covers. I have a range from painted white set, stock set, a mark 8 set (they are the same just black and no SVT logo)
    Mark 8 set $100
    View attachment 207686

    Powder Coated white $150
    View attachment 207687
    View attachment 207688

    One stock set non painted normal silver
    sorry no pics
    All prices are obo. first come first serve, just trying to clean out some stuff.

  2. #2 set sold!!!
  3. ported heads sold!!!
  4. how much for the mach 1 heads and intake ?
  5. mach 1 heads are sold. 250 shipped for the mach 1 intake manifold
  6. which is better the B or C heads? whats the differences?
  7. c-heads are good daily driver heads > b-heads make boosted powerthat will pull your undy's off and love very high rpm ( they love 6-8000 rpm ) with little or no head work . :flag:
  8. I know this is a bit of an old thread, but do you still have any heads for sale?
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