FS: SBF Pro Topline aluminum heads and Roller Rockers

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  1. I have a set of Pro Topline aluminum heads and a set of roller rocker arms for sale. They heads have 2.08 in. Intake valves and 1.80 in. Exhaust valves. They have around 1,000 miles on them and were used on a 1990 Mustang 5.0, I believe they will work on any pre-95 Ford 302 and 351W?. I am asking $1,200 for the complete set. Please email me at [email protected] for pics or additional info.



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  2. Any offers?
  3. I will take $800 for the set
  4. Whats the reason for the sale?
  5. I am posting these heads for my dad, he originally bought them for his 73 mach 1 off of a friend who had them on a 90 lx, however my mom has recently had some medical problems and he needs the money more than the heads.
  6. are the heads still available??
  7. If black89 does not grab them i want them..
  8. yes they are, send me an email and I will send you my number
  9. Hey budd, u happen to have any # on these what kind of gain u seen from them.. and if u could get a price shipped to 77904..thanx.. really Interested.
  10. oh ya what type of rockers r they pedal? stud? Make.. thanx again
  11. did these ever sell?????
  12. Still for sale
  13. do you know the chamber cc's? any numbers on them where I could look them up online? Thanks.
  14. If they are still for sale shoot me a pm, interested, what cc? and any other details would be great!! thanks!!
Thread Status:
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