SOLD Fs: Steeda Lowering Springs And Lca

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by MeanMussy, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. How much do these lower front and rear??
  2. About an inch and a half.
  3. Okay......thanks!!
  4. $150 on LCAs.... Let me know.

    These are 4420's right? They are around $210 new...
  5. I thought these were the same part number as called out in the link, but now you have me second guessing. Let me see if I can dig up some paperwork to verify.
  6. Nice stuff, but piced waaaay too high for used parts. Ask closer to 50% of their retail value and you might move them.

    CJ Pony Parts wants $250 for the Steeda Springs brand new and $220 for the control arms. And that's before our Stangnet discount.
  7. Gearbanger, if these had 50k miles on them, were beat to hell and the bushings all worn out, I would agree with you. But these parts have barely seen the street and are priced accordingly. cjponyparts is asking $304 for these control arms new. I know some people expect everything for nothing, but 50% is a little crazy. The prices say "obo", so I'm willing to listen to offers.

    jaketuff, I checked and the control arms are the aluminum LCAs. 4 lbs, 7.5oz each. The 4420s are steel, I believe.


  8. Sorry, my bad. I was looking at their steel arms. That being said....if these arms "had 50k miles on them, were beat to hell and the bushings all worn out", you'd probably get about $50 for them.

    If these were display, or discontinued models, I could see your asking price, but the fact of the matter remains that they're used. Good condition or not, the sad truth is that since the new buyer would no longer be the original owner, the warranty on them disappears and cuts their value significantly. Price your parts however you'd like, but 50% of the value has always been the standard on any used parts that I've ever seen sold. Sure, I see them advertised higher....but those are also the ones that sit for weeks on end, until the owner finally comes to the realization that he's gonna have to be a little more realistic with his asking price if he wants them to sell.

    In any case...good luck. I hope you get what you're asking for them. You just won't get it from me thats all. :)
  9. Sale pending on LCAs and springs.
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