For Sale FS: Steeda Sway Bars & Shelby Shock Tower Brace


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Apr 30, 2017
Got a few parts I don't need anymore. I was going to use some of these on my 2014 GT but am focusing more on my Fox Body Project so I'm trying to get rid of some of these parts that are just sitting in my garage.

I have this Shelby shock tower brace. I got it brand new from CJ Pony Parts but never ended up installing it. It could use some cleaning and polishing (it's the raw metal, unpainted finish) but it's pretty much good as new. Asking $75. I'm in Northern Virginia (Fredericksburg area) but willing to discuss shipping parts.
IMG-0515.jpg IMG-0516.jpg

Also have a set of Steeda front and rear sway bars. I bought these second hand from someone on another forum but just never ended up putting them on. I believe the previous owner said they had a few thousand miles on them. The only thing I did with them was clean up some rust on the tip of the front bar and painted over it. Asking $180.

IMG-0518.jpg IMG-0517.jpg
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