FS/T 1992 Bimini Blue Coupe FL

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  1. I'm testing the waters on my coupe. It's a 92 Bimini Blue v8 5 speed coupe.
    New paint, working on redoing the interior now(going all black), rebuilt t-5, aluminum driveshaft, steeda triax shifter, firewall adjuster, new quadrant, 5 lug conversion using stock length hardened axles in the back, 94 spindles with 2004 calipers and new brakes lines,new rotor, new pads, new ball joints(sn95), 5 way adjustable tokico shocks, steeda sport springs, 5 lug pony r wheels 17x6.5 and 17x10, BFG tires, FRPP stainless headers, MAC h pipe, flowmaster catback, 3G alternator, rebuilt distributor with new pip module and tpi module, new coil, new wires, new cap/rotor, new spark plugs, new fuel pump(190lph), new fuel filter. A/C works but has a small leak somewhere. Also installed a nice aftermarket cd player and a small sub/amp in the trunk.

    9.5K OBO, may consider trades on 96-up Cobras

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  2. Whats the Mileage?
  3. Speedo reads 56K
  4. Are you trying to say it has 156K without actually saying it. I'm guessing if it had 56K original miles you would have mentioned it in your ad.
  5. I'm not the original owner so I don't know the actual milage. I do have a copy of the carfax and it states the following:

    11/11/91-vehicle manufactured and shipped to the dealer
    09/04/92-Mileage 5649 odometer reading reported
    09/21/92-Title issued or updated,Loan or lien reported
    04/12/01-Title issued or reported
    10/01/01-Mileage 13760, Odometer reading reported
    10/24/01-New owner reported, Exceeds mechanical limits
    05/08/03-Exceeds mechanical limits
    04/23/04-Exceeds mechanical limits

    Exceeds mechnical limitsaccording to carfax: "A vehicle with a 5 digit odo. cannot accurately track miles after 99,999 miles becuse the odometer rolls over."
  6. very intersted i live in miami can you send recent pics of the interior and exterior to [email protected].
  7. interested in a 2005 gsxr600 with extras or a fully stock black 99gt?
  8. Pics of the interior....

    I am located in jacksonville. Could you please send pics of the interior so I can see the conversion and what's left of it. Thanks.....

    [email protected]

  9. No thanks.

    Sent email to the rest...
  10. Sold, thanks Stangnet.
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