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  1. Jerry Whitaker
    Windsor heads, PI Swap
    400 shipped, 300+ shipping whichever works best

    These heads are in great conditions. fully assembled. new cam bolts, new rocker arms. stock arms though. cams and gears. intake manifold as well. I want these gone, I am doing a PI Swap and i got the wrong heads. I need romeo heads not windsor. PM me with questions and for pics.
  2. New Price. 325$ shipped.
  3. Dude, romeo and windsor heads work on ALL modular blocks up to 04. Only change is that the romeo heads have connected cam bearing caps and a different bolt count for the valve covers... Doesn't matter if you go from pressed on cam gears to bolt on cam gears either. they are same.
  4. BTW... No one on this site has $$. Better off standing on the side of the road trying to sell these.
  5. do these not work on your car because its a 98? im asking because i want to pi swap my 98 also. thanks
  6. They definitely work. I just found some better ones and jumped on the deal.
  7. If you want the whole swap I still have it.
  8. would you split it up?

    if you want call me at 804-426-3861
  9. heads sold. PI Intake is still for sale.
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