FS: Xtant 3300c 3-channel amp

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  1. This is the old school first gen 3300c, not the 3300x. This is a true audiophile amp. Its only rated for 60x x 2 and 180 x 1 but it puts out ALLOT more, if you know the original (not the new crap) Xtant then you know what this amp is like. It was over $1200 new and is in excellent shape.
    It reciently had all the power caps replaced and a new upgraded cooling fan so it runs just like new. Beautiful brushed stanless steel case and 100 amps of on-board fuse (so you know it has more then 300w).
    Unique features are a phantom 4th & 5th channel with their own attenuation controll, on board noise gate and a two way 90hz chip x-over. This amp is very clean and natural sounding.
    I have never overheated it and only run a single 10" on the sub channel. There are two dings on one end of the cover but they are very small and do not effect its performance.

    $250 + shipping.

    Its in perfect working order and if you are in the area then you can hear it before buying it but due to the age and not knowing your installation skill it will be sold as is.

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