fti cam lead time?

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  1. for you fti cam guys, how long did it take to get your cam once you ordered it? also, if you got your afrs from ed, did you have him do any work on them?

    i'll be doing a head and cam swap either this winter or this spring with the help of some extra student loan money.:) i'm going with afr 165s, an fti cam, whatever roller rockers ed recommends for the combo, and all the other little stuff that goes along with the swap. i'm also going to replacing the balancer.

  2. Well a friend of mine got a cam from him. He was promised the cam in a month and the spring specs as soon as Ed figured out the cam specs. Ed never got back to him about the spring specs, so he just bought a set of .6 lift springs. A month went by and no cam came. He was depending on the cam coming so he could get it in before school started. He calls Ed and he says it will be there is a week. Well the week comes and goes with no cam. Then Ed says it will be overnighted on Monday. Well needless to say it did not show. After many promises of it coming finally after 2 and a 1/2 months it finally comes. The cam is barely noticeable at idle and it was hard for both of us to tell any gain as the car had been down for 1 and 1/2 months at this point. He will never get numbers for just the cam as he just finished a junkyard Volvo Twin Turbo install.

    BTW his car is an otherwise stock 95 Cobra and with the cam designed for the car I would think the computer would have no problems with it, but that is not the case. The car throws a code that he has not looked into yet and the car cuts off at random at idle. This problem was there before the turbos but once he gets that tuned he will find out what code the cam is causing.
  3. Honestly...what does it matter? If you've decided on going with Ed's stuff and you're planning on it over the winter, just order it and he'll get it to you.

    I'm not trying to be smart here, but if you really need it in a specific time frame or have questions, just contact Ed himself. Depending on time of year and how many customers he's working on at the time, somebody else's time to get parts might be different from yours. Also...it probably helps if you get the money to him ASAP in his preferred form.

    BTW...I've heard @ 3 weeks from other people.
  4. For the roller rockers Ed recommened 1.6 Scorpions or Comp Cams Pro Magnum Roller Rockers. I've decided on the Comp Cams ones because they're a little smaller than the Scorpions (I'll prolly still get fox valve covers to fit them in there). The Comp Cams Pro Magnums are also made of steel (strength) but are lighter than most aluminum roller rockers, so you get the best of both worlds.

    Check out Dave's site for misc. stuff....

    As for the balancer, I have a Romac and it's a great piece, but if you have to buy one new I'd go with a Pioneer, which is still SFI approved. I got my Romac for $200 shipped and it was on a car for 15min. Just scope the classifieds.

    Where in MN are you? I'm away at school right now, but you should cruise down to University in St. Paul sometime. Lots of nice cars down there, but also a lot of ricers.

    Good luck with the swap, I'm planning the same thing this winter.

  5. thanks for the replys, guys.

    bit, from what i've read here, that seems to be the only case i've heard of in which the customer wasn't more than satisfied. thanks for the heads up, but like 94dreamgt said, if you want ed's stuff, you want ed's stuff.

    and 94dreamgt, i am willing to wait, i just wanted to have an idea how long it would take without bothering him with a question like that. thanks.

    i live about 45 minutes southeast of fargo/moorhead. pelican rapids is the town. i'm a good 3 hours from the cities, so i don't make it down too often. you live near the cities, right?
    as for the link, thanks, but i already had it bookmarked.;) that's what i used to make my list of stuff.:)
    for the balancer, i'm planning on getting a pioneer sfi one from strokermotor.com for 165 unless anyone knows where to get one cheaper. (btw, our motors have 50oz. balancers, right?)
    good luck w/your winter project, too!
    also, at which track do you run?
  6. Greg,

    Yeah, I'm about 30min north of the cities. I used Dave's list for my stuff too. Yes, our balancers are 50oz and Pioneer seems like the best choice for the money. I've never heard of an SFI one for less than $165. The only track I've been to was the one just outside Litchfield if you know where that is. It's about two hours away from me and it's only an 1/8 mile, but you can get in alot of runs in one night. Ever been to Rock Falls in Eau Claire, WI? I plan on taking a weekend trip to Tri-State in Iowa this summer....."The House of Hook." Should be a good time.

  7. Other than the shutting off at random he is very happy with the carm.
  8. Greg

    A bit long but maybe this will help.

    I had several conversations with Ed before we did business. IMHO, he is a good guy and knows his stuff.

    I told him I wanted 300 plus rwhp, flat & broad torque curve, and be able to pass emissions in DFW Texas.

    Driveability issues were a big concern of mine and we talked at length about them.

    Which way do you go?

    Hotter cam = not so good street manners
    Milder cam = good street manners but down on power

    The final outcome was that since I would be using a Tweecer I should be able to smooth things out a bit.

    I told him to be more agressive with the final numbers on the cam as he was putting the combo together.

    The main parts of the combo we put together were AFR 165 58 stud head, Scorpion 1.6 rr's, Rollmaster chain & gears, and FTI cam.

    Ed told me he would do, "a little touch-up", as he called it, on the heads and the details of what he was going to do, like the cam, he did not want to talk a lot about them.

    He gave me many tips & tricks to use as I was putting everything together and advice on mods I wanted to put in place when I could scrape up the money.

    Final outcome

    293 hp & 322 tq with stock tb, maf, & catback

    Haze the tires in 1st & 2nd from a stop with 1/3 throttle

    Passed emissions with flying colors

    No bucking, surging, stalling at idle or any of that crap (thank you Tweecer)

    On the, "barely noticle at idle thing", or rumpety rump sound

    Thats old school, flat tappet days as far as STREET CARS go. I've been there & done that years ago and yes, we made power, but otherwise the cars were miserable to drive.

    I went with Ed because he is NEW SCHOOL or cutting edge, and so far, my car has turned out to be better than I expected.

    IMHO, the extra amount of money I paid Ed for his help, was a part of my combo like gears, intake, etc. and I know I don't have knowledge like him to get it right the first time and I sure don't have the money also.

    I almost forgot! I put a pull from a few days ago up on this board and you can take a look if you want to.

    Good luck to you with your combo upgrade!

  9. jake,
    i've never been to the track. i had intentions to make it last summer, but i wanted to learn how to make my new drag radials hook before i went, and then i started to have problems w/the car. there is actually a 1/4 mile track near moorhead about 30-40 minutes from my house (interstate dragways). one day, i'll make it there:)

    grady, thanks for the reply!
    i would love to have a torque curve like yours! i can't wait:D
  10. Greg

    No prob on the info

    And about that torque curve you are seeking

    Do what I do when I want a new speed part

    Say to yourself

    "Its just a bit more $$$$$$$$$$$ away from my grasp"
    :lol: :lol:

  11. :banana:

  12. Hmmmm....

    As a hundred or so customers can attest, normal delivery on nearly any custom camshaft is about two weeks to get in house and ready to ship to the customer. Delivery to each customer from here, depends entirely on their shipping location...

    Now if you want to add the time it takes to confirm the combination with a customer, receive their payment, schedule the grinding, shipment from the manufacturer to the shop, checking the camshaft, pack and ship, shipping time to the customer... maybe it takes an extra week? but then it's all on where in the country (or outside the country) the cam is being shipped... I have no control on that...

    Still don't see how it took two and a half months for this particular camshaft unless there was a complete shortage of new cores. That hasn't happened in a long while... :shrug:

    Have your "friend" Email me with the timeline because I'm still not sure who is the person you are refering to...

    As far as spring specs, they are always included with the cam cards...


    Hey Grady!

    Glad everything is running perfectly!:D

  13. Maybe the springs are his fault. I know he got the cam specs from you before he got the cam but I never saw them. He just said you never got back with him on the spring specs. Everything is good now it just took longer than he wanted. I am sure with a little tuning the idle problem will stop. As for the customer it was a basicly stock 95 Cobra, ordered around early July and shipped to High Point, NC.
  14. i guess i must be an exception to the rule, too. i contacted you on the 15th of december and was asking where to send the money by the 17th. the last email i got from ed was on the 20th, and i replied the same day. now, it's been over two weeks since i told you exactly what i want for the heads and cam, but still you won't send me an address to send the payment to. what gives?:shrug:

    adding on the two weeks you quote from getting the payment to getting them shipped, i doubt i'll be able to do the install before i have to head back to school on the 19th. :bang:
  15. Ed was off all last week that I know of.
  16. While that does suck...I"ll have to say that you can't expect normal response from most companies around holiday seasons. Many if not most businesses take some or a lot of time off and are closed around Xmas & New Year's...even some very large companies shut down for a week or two.
  17. Not to sound like a smartass but isn't ED's address posted on the FTI website. As for the time between ordering and recieving the item I think that most of us in the Northeast don't drive our cars for 5 months of the year so whats the rush. I was glad I waited for mine.
  18. he wouldn't give me a dollar amount for the total so i couldn't just drop a blank check in the mail. as for the rush, I'm home for winter break from school, and this was supposed to be my winter project. school is 1800 miles away, so coming back for the weekend to work on it isn't feasible.

    i'm willing to wait as long as it takes, but the time it took to get my questions answered and for him "to work things out and get back to [me]." he didn't tell me he would be taking three weeks off for the holidays. i would expect someone to tell they're customers when taking off work for so long. i'm not as angry as i may sound; i'm just disappointed it's taking longer than expected.

    there's no rush now as i can't possibly get the stuff before break is over. sucks, but i'll get over it.
  19. I had emailed him on christmas day (after i won some money on a scratch ticket) to confirm the go ahead with my new combo. He emailed me back right away, i believe it was the next day, or maybe the day after that, he got me a break down on what each part would cost and that was that. Every time ive emailed him hes always got back to me right away, great service IMO.
  20. again, i am the exception. why, ed?