Fuel Boiling in the bowl

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  1. After a stock rebuild on my 5.0 (82 motor) the fuel boils in the bowl after the engine gets up to temp. Any ideas? Now the engine does have longtube headers, a 1" aluminum spacer under the carb, and it does have a functional hood scoop. So there is plenty of air to cool it down, but it isn't doing this. The engine doesn't overheat. Would a fuel line cooler correct this, or help this issue? Any Ideas would be great! Also on a side note - How hard is it to change the drivers side door glass? (86 5.0)
  2. Sounds like your old fuel line may be too close to your new headers and heating up the fuel. I would recommend re-routing the fuel line if possible. Otherwise you may run into the problem of vapor locks down the road. Another temporary option may be to create some form of a heat shield to protect the header heat away from the fuel line. But personally if it were my car I would keep the fuel away from any heat source just to be safe! Fuel and heat don't mix well in the wrong places. HTH.
  3. I would swap out the spacer for a non metal one. Aluminum conducts heat very good, thats why they switched to non aluminum windows for houses. If putting in a non metalic one does not cure the problem, you may have to set up your fuel system like mine...


    Here is my full fuel system.

    Good luck

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  4. Well I'll try both ideas, as I wasn't the one who did the work to it. The car belonged to my brother inlaw. So both the fuel line and the spacer could be the problem/problems!