Fox Fuel Cap Retaining Strap Fix For Free.

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  1. Sooner or later the plastic retaining strap that holds the fuel fill cap on Fox Body Mustangs will break. Here's a quick and easy way to fix it.....and it's free.

    First pry up on the black ring located on the inside of the cap. This ring holds the plastic retaining strap in place and allows the cap to rotate.


    Next, I used some Rubber Shower Liner found at any plumbing supply store (ask for free scraps!) and using the old piece as a template I traced around it with an xacto knife.


    Install the new strap and replace the black ring by simply snapping it back into place, and it still has that factory look!

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  2. I can get thicker rubber scraps if anyone is interested
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  3. Mine is ripped...
  4. Im gonna grab a bunch of scraps from a buddies shop this weekend. They make storage containment liners for the gas industry and have several different millages available. I'll see what seems best and post back up
  5. @GT George, since my strap is long gone, any idea of the thickness?
  6. The original strap measures 2.25mm. The shower liner I used was 1mm thick and seems to work ok, but 2mm would be better. You could go as thick as 3mm and still have some play, anything thicker and the cap won't turn freely.
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  7. apparently i was mistaken. as interested as i was it appears my cap had a single plastic "wire" that held it to the ring. rockauto had the entire cap assembly for next to nothing. so its fixed for me!
  8. interesting, i wonder what year the change was made